And After

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continuing my practice with not over playing. Not trying to write crazy bass lines is hard, but its really the bassists responsibility to create a solid foundation. We all interpret that meaning differently. This is my version.


September 30 2015 09:04:00
FrankMilFrankMil spot on

July 13 2015 08:24:41
TofzegritTofzegrit You are a bass player and the direction you've chosen is always the right way and I use to follow you for that;)

July 13 2015 07:04:29
MarceysMarceys And a solid basstrack it is! Very cool thing youdid here, right on it! Good wakening up again! :)

July 13 2015 06:33:23
OliVBeeOliVBee cool playing :)

July 13 2015 05:53:53
GirardGirard I consider this to be perfect bass. The tone, the actual groove, and note choices. I'm gonna make it my life mission to play like this.
+0 July 13 2015 05:54:41 Girardbigmac9137
very kind words. thank you.
July 13 2015 05:51:01
GirardGirard Great bass Mac. What notes are you playing in that little riff/hook you have going a lot? Sounds awesome, I would like to be able to use more little phrases like that.

1:51 and thereafter was gorgeous. I would love to approach things more like this. This is awesome.

+0 July 13 2015 06:33:15 GirardGirard
Thanks a lot
July 13 2015 06:31:05 Girardbigmac9137
on Dm chord its:
D - A - C
walk D - C# - C
On Cm chord its:
C - Bb - C(octave) - F - C
July 13 2015 05:59:37 GirardGirard
0:38 to 1:00
July 13 2015 05:55:57 Girardbigmac9137
Are you talking about in the Smooth part, or groovy part?
July 13 2015 06:01:47 GirardGirard
1:10 and after really does it a lot...
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