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Another great template from Marc! Unlike his last upload where I played through most of his accents, I seem to have done the opposite this time. I decided I wanted to be pretty aggressive and heavy with the track to see if it could pick up the drive a bit. I really can't decide if I've succeeded. To my ears it sounds like I've gone at it with all the grace, subtlety and presence of a rhino with ball-ache having elastic bands flicked in its eyes. I also stole the intro section to mess about a bit. Sorry about that.

I gave it an hour or so from mixing it, drank some wine and then listened to the mix again. Then uploaded it. Good old wine.

This is probably my best guess as to what would happen if you asked Lars Ulrich to play for Pat Metheny. It's been a long and frustrating weekend...


HD drums have no reverb.


July 14 2015 18:42:12
GirardGirard Had seats right off the side of the stage of Lars when I saw Metallica for the first time at the Meadowlands Arena (July 21st, 1989.

. Interesting analogy lol.

July 14 2015 18:40:13
GirardGirard Yeah, as others have said, the heavier, busier drumming in the beginning certainly sets up a sweet "release" when it drops back down to that light groove. Lovely. Tension and release .

July 14 2015 17:20:22
Davnel99Davnel99 LOL. Martin, you groove as always man, you never disappoint :) and of course Marceys does his thing with always such elegance

July 14 2015 12:46:01
SlonMusicSlonMusic Very cool drums Martin!.. Love your little crash)

July 14 2015 11:20:48
PJEPJE Great dynamics - drum work complimenting great keys - perfectly

July 14 2015 05:21:39
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler excellent:)

July 14 2015 04:34:42
Danalyze45Danalyze45 Fantastic from both of you :) I love it. The contrast of the heaviness of the intro dropping down into the verse is perfect for the track. Later at 1:25ish the harder snare accents but a minimal approach ties back to that intro to my ear...I really like how this is worked out all the way through. Well thought out parts from both of you and great technique from both of you as well!!!

July 14 2015 00:29:31
CharleyCharley Good feel mp :)
+1 July 14 2015 01:07:34 Charleympointon
Thanks, Charley :) Appreciated.
July 14 2015 00:16:05
MarceysMarceys Wow! I love the way that you played all the accents in the intro! And than back to a more quiet part! Thats great dynamics!
Think the rhino drumming in the "strings"-part is very cool! Listening to the keys and drums I realize that a groove and tight bass will make a world of a difference, i'm not everywhere as tight as I would have wanted!

Very happy with your parts Martin! Your a great drummer! Thanks! 😎😎😎

+1 July 14 2015 02:31:53 Marceysmpointon
The strings were hard, especially as they are 'slow strings' which means the attack doesn't match the beat. So I decided to pile through them and hope someone else will build it! :) Love this template, though. One of your better ones without question.
July 14 2015 02:49:36 Marceysmpointon
You create fantastic templates, please do not stop! And enjoy your break!
July 14 2015 02:41:52 MarceysMarceys
Enjoy it very much!
July 14 2015 01:07:15 Marceysmpointon
Thanks, Marc. I was really worried I was being too brutal with the track - so hard to tell how it could turn out!
July 13 2015 23:59:54


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