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Just added a spot of drums to the background music of this splendidly out there track from Girard and Piper. Thought it kinda needed that '60s TV show ambience. So that's what I did. Quite why I sat there and played for five minutes, I've no idea. Just occurred to me that I could've done a few bars and looped it. D'oh!

No idea why I've added HD drums but I have.



June 30 2016 06:30:14
kimbokimbo outstanding mr bond!

May 11 2016 01:48:44
GirardGirard How funny is this MP? LOL
+1 May 11 2016 10:29:01 Girardmpointon
Love these templates! Such a good chuckle!
July 15 2015 08:02:05
nuno1959nuno1959 It's such a freaked out template, it's wonderful !
Your add is the cherry on top of the cake.. ;)

July 15 2015 04:11:23
GirardGirard Listening again, epic drums Martin, and thank you for playing the whole way through. I know you always say you could have played for 4 seconds, and then looped it, but the fact is, by you jamming it through, we wind up with more personality and more fills, different accents etc...

Not sure why you don't like that!

I love it

July 15 2015 03:30:54
laffingduclaffingduc This is a fun mix...thanks for the posts!

July 15 2015 00:07:47
PsychoPsycho I played this for the guys at work and you guys are becoming famous in Kansas :).... good add !!
+2 July 15 2015 04:14:08 PsychoGirard
lol that's cool :)
July 15 2015 04:38:15 PsychoPsycho
I gave copies to two guys to take home. I may need to collect royalties :)
July 15 2015 04:39:00 PsychoGirard
July 14 2015 20:28:23
MarceysMarceys ROFL! cool drums under it!

July 14 2015 18:27:06
GirardGirard The drums really bring out the bass! Nice!

July 14 2015 18:25:50
GirardGirard wow! oh my! Great add, Martin!!! wow!

July 14 2015 18:16:29
piperpiper Love the addition Martin :) It completes the insanity...he he. ;)
+2 July 15 2015 04:14:34 piperGirard
Yeah it is awesome, but it could absorb some more adds I think !

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