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Just a simple groove with swung 16th notes. Always been a nemesis of mine because I find I lose the 'swing' over time. So this is a little challenge to myself as well as hopefully making a useful groove template for others.

I jammed it through so structurally I'm not sure, but I'm certain I stuck to 8 or 16-bar sequences. There's also a few cheeky snare mis-hits in there. Oops.

Enjoy and I hope it's useful.

HD version has no reverb.


cool idea !! there's never enough swing ;) very cool sound !+1
We'll see what will happen, you tell an interesting story in my mind.+1
Swing your pants, LOL Good grief..;)+1
Really cool one mate!! Sounds great :D+1
Nice one+1
yeah! this is a cool template!+1
very cool groove Martin!+1
Best title of the day award goes to MP. The drum track goes boom boom boom and is too cool for words !!+1
& as they say, proof is in the pudding & yup, here it is !! ;)
Super nice track Martin !
Yes man..this is a cool basic drum beat!! great man+1

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