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A very challenging template from the 'Loops resident music maestro! Made all the more complex by its spartan nature and because there's some very subtle rhythmic illusions going on with the opening riff which, when playing in a half-time feel, makes you think it's starting on the count of 3 and not the 1! Extra attention being paid by moi there!

I did have a chat with Oli before recording to get some guidance on what he had in mind so ...
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Martin Pointon,


Masterpiece, Martin! Playlisted.+2
July 15 2015 21:22:56
mpointon Thank you, Liesching. I'd love to hear what you can add to this. :) +1
definitely gives the track some character and a direction ! i like it !!! thanks a bunch :)+1
July 15 2015 17:26:40
OliVBee very cool sound too :) (the snare is nice and i love your work on it) +1
July 15 2015 17:31:34
mpointon Thanks, Oli. It's tough with so much space in it - very exposed making errors obvious! I'd love to hear what Steve Gadd would do with this track! I very much tried to wear his hat for this one. +1
July 15 2015 17:43:19
OliVBee hehehe i too would very much love to hear his take on that !!! somehow i believe he would come up possibly with an unusual part like playing with hands or something (seen him do that on such a slow pace and it was awsome !) +1
July 15 2015 17:54:59
mpointon I did toy with 'unusual' beats but decided keeping it more conventional would help others to add. +1
July 15 2015 19:14:04
OliVBee definitely right ! +0
Really subtle work - such fine control - precision ghost notes and accenting beat that drives it along so well.
that wood snare is a real beauty!
July 15 2015 19:38:25
mpointon Thanks, PJE! The wood snare is a '90s Premier XPK Birch/Eucalyptus snare with a Remo Fiberskyn3 head on it (and a block of Moongel). It just records beautifully and sounds so much better than its, probably, £50 value! +1
July 15 2015 19:46:46
PJE So good here and worth much more than that to you & me -Premier did make some oustanding kit though - I used to have a 6" brushed chrome snare with its own very unique sound - wish I still did! +1
July 15 2015 21:51:16
mpointon I love the '90s Premier Chrome snares. Such a great sound for not a lot of money. There's a second-hand drum specialist near Portsmouth in the UK where I buy all my gear from. A classic Premier chrome snare is next on my list! +1
July 16 2015 00:03:27
PJE Looking forward to hearing you with that! +0
NICE drumming Mr M !! Very cool.. ;)+1
July 15 2015 21:04:24
mpointon Thank you Nuno! :) Your 'strumming' template is next on my radar tomorrow! +1
Thrills on the snare...+1
Yeah, the snare is nice.+1
Great template guys !!+1
very good MP+1
super Rhythmus and Snare+1
You nailed it so good! This is a hard track to drum too and you managed it greatly! Thumbs thumbs!+1
July 16 2015 00:05:03
mpointon Thanks Marc. I really wanted to achieve sensitivity and a beat. I really had to dig deep for this one. +3
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