Everything You Love (Martin mixed)

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OliVBee564 jams Supporter
Remix step #3 (playing)


OliVBee564 jams Supporter
+ 16
Very cool drumtrack interesting on so many levels ! the snare is so lovely ! Use this mix and post as a remix of #45109
and give mpointon a thumb !! (please ?)


July 18 2015 21:47:55
pklieschpkliesch Artfull peace of music

July 16 2015 07:06:36
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler good:)

July 16 2015 00:48:08
nuno1959nuno1959 This is simply ridiculously good on so many levels..
BIG grin on my face, thanks ;)

July 16 2015 00:24:35
aleonzaleonz you two are a very excellent music mates !

July 15 2015 23:52:16
@FreshFunk@FreshFunk A good taste of what come next...

July 15 2015 23:52:06
MarceysMarceys The mixing is spot on again OliVBee! This track will get some cool adds I'm sure!

July 15 2015 23:28:05
CharleyCharley 5 minutes of bliss!

July 15 2015 23:23:12
DafunkydrummerDafunkydrummer wow! great drumming! love it!
+3 July 15 2015 23:28:48 Dafunkydrummermpointon
From you, that means a hell of a lot to me. Thank you :)
July 15 2015 23:10:16
PsychoPsycho I honored your "please", although well deserved :) The sound engineer deserves a thumb too !!
+2 July 15 2015 23:13:24 Psychompointon
Absolutely. Oli's mix is so delicate and clean. Give him the thumbs, please!
July 15 2015 22:53:23
mpointonmpointon I gave me a thumb! ;) As always, beautiful mix, Oli! The blending of the tones, the contextual corrections - the fact it all 'belongs'. You really, really know how to make a take fit your 'vision'. It's a producer's dark and difficult skill which you have mastered. You deserve the thumbs as much as me or anyone else!
+2 July 15 2015 22:55:15 mpointonOliVBee
why thank you Maartin :) your take really belongs no doubt ! i really like the snare did i mention ?? ;)
July 15 2015 22:59:29 mpointonmpointon
You did! That snare never ceases to impress me with how it records subtle stuff. It shouldn't blow my utterly fab Ludwig out of the water but it does for this sort of playing.
July 15 2015 23:03:09 mpointonOliVBee
there's no crack like a Ludwig but honestly the woody warmth of this one ? so niiiice ;)
July 15 2015 23:09:21 mpointonmpointon
You're absolutely right. I knew before I recorded the Luddy would likely be wrong. So glad I made that choice.
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