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Well, today's my birthday but i doubt that any of you guys will be getting me anything so you don't need to know my size or anything like that but i just knew y'all would want to wish me a happy birthday just the same LOL


July 22 2015 20:23:21
Oh I missed this one!, and I missed your Birthday....abut never too late to say and wish a very happy musical Birthday Paidra! all the best for you and your music ...wonderful celebration on this track!
+1 August 01 2015 07:41:39 aleonz allgirl
Thank you so much Alice for the birthday wishes
July 17 2015 09:13:18
Great birthday gift for all of us! Best wishes, Paidra! :)
+2 July 17 2015 17:17:28 Liesching allgirl
thank you so much, Marc. great to hear from you.
July 17 2015 08:43:00
SUPER COOL SONG and hoping YOU had a SUPER COOL BIRTHDAY, Paidra! :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the loveliest friend I could ask for! :)

+2 July 17 2015 17:16:20 Marianne allgirl
thank you, Marianne. you helped make it a wonderful day with the lovely gifts.
July 18 2015 02:13:49 Marianne Marianne
July 17 2015 00:50:14
A great track from Cody made even better !! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAIDRA !!! Wishing you all the happiness and joy that life can bring !!! :) :)
+2 July 17 2015 17:14:40 RobM allgirl
thank you so much, Rob! always enjoy hearing from you
July 16 2015 23:51:35
I like this pace!!!
+2 July 17 2015 17:12:35 josepssv allgirl
thank you, josepssv
July 16 2015 23:25:41
+2 July 17 2015 17:11:49 Babbazitt allgirl
thank you, Babbazitt. always good to hear from you
July 16 2015 20:11:01
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
Wow!!! Super:)
+2 July 17 2015 17:10:22 Lenny Cowler allgirl
thank you, Lenny
July 16 2015 19:48:10
yeah super!Happy Birthday Paidra!
+2 July 17 2015 17:09:47 jamlady allgirl
thank you, jamlady. i did have a nice day
July 16 2015 19:23:01
cody trippcody tripp
Happy Birthday Paidra. Many blessings to you this year. You didn't have to give all of us here a present. LOVE IT !!
+2 July 16 2015 19:25:35 cody tripp allgirl
from you, cody, that's a real present. thanks

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  6. Gotta Sneak Me Some Of Momma's Pie

    cody trippDrumshticks
    by cody tripp & Drumshticks

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