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Okay, I was listening to some old Joe Jackson and decided to try a pop song---which seems strange for a blues guy, but, what the heck. I think some B-3 or other keys might fit. Some background vocals during the chorus to fatten the sound might be nice
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This is very good... Lairdy has a good point. It would be nice if others could add to your cool tracks :) just a suggestion my friend !!+1
July 19 2015 02:36:59
Gatorblue the next 3 I add will have it open so you guys can fill it up. +1
July 19 2015 14:55:59
Gatorblue You are right. The next two I added are different. One needs drums, solo, bass and fills. The next one just needs drums. Thanks for the suggestion -- Gator +1
Hey Dude...Well Done!+0
Very good ! Pity there's nothing needs adding !+0
July 21 2015 02:05:19
Gatorblue Well, Lairdy, I can still hear 2 female voices in the backup on the chorus. Would add something more special. +1
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