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Another doodle i came up with last night, unfortunately there is some distortion : time to change the preamp battery.. :|
Still it sounded decent enough so i thought what the hell & decided to let it slide...
Sorry for that.. & hope you like it !! ;)


January 26 2016 19:02:56
Very cool
+1 January 26 2016 20:27:17 B427 nuno1959
Thanks man, appreciated !
July 20 2015 02:16:52
Another Nuno download! Now just need the time to do something with it.
+1 July 20 2015 02:50:08 Wade nuno1959
From the depths of the jungle emerges Sopranino Man.. ;)
Glad you enjoyed this, it came out on the spur of the moment..
July 20 2015 00:32:38
Excellent Nuno !! I like the tension in this one. Very cool !! :)
+1 July 20 2015 02:48:38 RobM nuno1959
Thanks Rob, appreciated !
Good fun to play, pity the bit of distortion..
July 19 2015 21:32:31
this is coool nunoooooo! looking forward to hear what comes next :)
+1 July 19 2015 22:50:59 Shi nuno1959
Good to know you had fun - thanks for listening Shi ! ;)
July 19 2015 20:25:44
Wow its one hell of a great doodle nuno and I am not sure you should change the battery - it sounds just great - I know loads of great drummers will add to this but I cant wait to have a jam with it anyway as soon as I can get on my kit again :)
Thanks for this
Best peter

+1 July 19 2015 22:50:26 PJE nuno1959
Hi PJ & thanks man, much appreciated !
The battery annoys me because it causes distortion ( most notable in chords.. ) which on such a clean sounding bass is…. yucckkk !! :D
Sure hope drummers will join in as well… ;)
July 19 2015 22:54:40 PJE PJE
the ting about you numo is - you have unique style and sound - always know its you - you will get drum and other adds for sure :)
July 19 2015 22:57:34 PJE nuno1959
Thank you PJ, that's a big compliment !! ;) ;)
July 19 2015 18:26:48
cody trippcody tripp
Sounds Awesome !!!
+1 July 19 2015 18:29:34 cody tripp nuno1959
Glad you enjoyed this !
July 19 2015 17:55:06
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
Wow!! I agree with Mulambo:)
+1 July 19 2015 18:19:16 Lenny Cowler nuno1959
Thanks my friend.. ;)
July 19 2015 17:32:11
great track! energetic and rock grooving, liked a lot!
+1 July 19 2015 18:18:59 mulambo nuno1959
Thanks Mulambo, um abraço ! ;)
July 19 2015 17:05:54
Sounds great, Nuno! !Can I make a small suggestion as to the song and growing it as my wife said "Whos playing guitar?". Only a suggestion as its still embyonic ....You got the chunky chords going maybe compliment at the end of the phrase with some small low end single note bumps.JUst for emphasis at the end of each verse.Let people know full damn well its a bass being played.Just a single root note "bump".It will highlight the chords and emphasize them nicely. Just a suggestion so as it seperates it from a rhythm guitar. I hope that makes sense and doesnt sound nit picky. but otherwise even a drum remix of this is going to be smoking killer.Your sound is great, its got tension to it, and dont sweat the sound quality, sounds fine.Nice idea, man. Like to see it grow into soemething.Love your stuff.
+1 July 19 2015 17:18:46 Relativity nuno1959
Thanks Relativity, much appreciated !
It is definitely a good suggestion & who knows if i won't be tempted to add a BASS track to it ?
I've been known for doing worse, much worse… :D :D
For the time being, i'm hoping for a drum track… ;)
July 19 2015 17:21:06 Relativity nuno1959
Oh & a late Welcome to The Loops !! ;)
July 19 2015 16:33:26
Very cool, nuno!
+1 July 19 2015 16:45:01 pkliesch nuno1959
Thanks PK, glad you liked it ;)

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