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Bass & Vocals:

aleonz435 jams
Remix step #2

Guitar & Drums:

SlonMusic302 jams
Remix step #3 (playing)


kimbo246 jams Supporter
+ 16
i love slon's playing.... and this is a fine sample of how NOT to treat the tunes of one of your guitar heros! (sorry steve)
(note to self...dont drink and upload:?)
...broke a string halfway through....ducked the pop in the mix, but could've really done with that top e!


September 16 2015 10:53:54
LieschingLiesching A W E S O M E, Kimbo! Now this is a alltime fav piece :) Playlisted!
+0 September 16 2015 19:25:31 Lieschingkimbo
Thanks for your kind words....
August 27 2015 17:43:43
BassCookBassCook Cool blues guitar :)

August 01 2015 07:13:20
francisco alfrancisco al lindo trabalho

July 22 2015 15:00:42
WadeWade Broken E-string. I hang around hoping for a broken G-string Ha! Such a cool track. Sounding mighty fine to me, but got to admit to finding it difficult to tell which guitar is playing what. Must all be good!

July 21 2015 19:03:39
aduadu cool add :)

July 21 2015 07:41:05
jmrukkersjmrukkers Sweet

July 21 2015 05:48:02
SlonMusicSlonMusic Very nice guitaring, Kimbo! Great add, I like it. And glad you had fun, bro!)

July 21 2015 04:49:48
aleonzaleonz This is so cool Kimbo !pour more booze then !

July 21 2015 01:03:54
PsychoPsycho Great play kimbo !!
+1 July 21 2015 01:04:56 Psychokimbo
thanks but slon's really the man doing the work
July 21 2015 00:47:01
TofzegritTofzegrit I can hear how our crossing guitars will sound in Sept. :)
Well Done Kimbo

+1 July 21 2015 00:48:46 Tofzegritkimbo
can't wait mate... though i'm not bringing the 335.... just my newly made "folding" (yes folding!) 1980 steinberger
July 21 2015 00:51:36 TofzegritTofzegrit
Just in case, if you can hold this tone, I will play on your stuff lol... I'm not sure I will took the computer for my usual tones, that's not "jam live" spirit to play with a mouse and a pick :)
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