Tears Made Of Silver

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OliVBee653 jams
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New Zealand
Wade401 jams
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A wonderful template from OliVBee that challenges a jammer (like me) to run melodic lines through these delicious changes. A bit "stop/start" that gives windows for hearing OliVBee's original intent.


Super! Love the melodies and composition! :)+1
November 05 2015 22:54:10
Wade Hey Frenzie, glad you like. Not really a composition. I had the opportunity to hang out with OliVBee for a while, so kind of know his style. This is a one take improvisation. Scary I know...the planets were aligned...didn't step on any cracks that day...really lucky and (as always) inspired by Mr OliVBee's playing. +0
November 05 2015 22:59:23
frenzie Hey wade, in that case hats off for the performance! :) Oh great!
Mr oliv is kind of a grandmaster ;)
francisco al
muito bonito+1
August 05 2015 00:24:34
francisco al
Wade Thanks so much for the listen and comment. +0
you played every single note with such perfect empathy, it's wonderfull to listen to you. I thank you for the joy, wade.+1
July 31 2015 02:22:46
Wade A really fine compliment and well observed. There is always an enhanced dynamic when playing with anyone I've played with live. I had the good fortune to spend a week with OliVBee, so have some idea of his musical moods. Glad that empathy shows up. +0
Classy sax Wade had to be somthin real special to enhance Mr OBVs work and this really is :):)+1
July 24 2015 01:18:48
Wade Such a nice thing to say! Thanks. +0
lovely guitar from Oliv and that silky sax sweetly sings with warmth Wade...just a delight :)+1
July 23 2015 07:55:52
Wade Thanks Shi...Have been thinking I should develop a new musical persona that fits my age and attitude...rough and cranky! Waddya think? +0
Just lovely! :)+1
July 23 2015 07:54:06
Wade Thanks pkliesh. Have looking back at a few of your tunes to have a go at. You're such a fine player/composer. +0
July 23 2015 21:18:52
pkliesch Thank's a lot, Wade. You're to kind! +0
This is so wonderful! For sure the background of this evening chill out with my wife and a bottle of red! :)+1
July 23 2015 07:52:19
Wade Too kind. Just doodling along with OliVBee's fine track and hoping that I can add some variation ...or at least not confuse the issue. +1
Pit Brett
hard to stop this perfect loop :)+1
July 23 2015 07:50:11
Pit Brett
Wade Thought about making jokes about a "Pit Stop", but I really appreciate your listen and comment. Thanks. +1
Lenny Cowler
perfect Wade:)+1
July 22 2015 07:47:40
Lenny Cowler
Wade Thanks Lenny. Nice to know fine musicians like you are listening. +1
Oh man, that just carried me to a happy place !! That gentle sensitivity in your playing and the slight tone contrast to OliV's guitar. Just beautiful !! Beautiful work gentlemen !! :)+1
July 22 2015 07:46:25
Wade Thanks Rob, Glad it worked for you. You had an inherently much tougher job with this one. As you say the tone of the sax is considerably different which makes it easier to stand aside from the sting sound. Your's is mighty fine anyway. +2

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