Always in my heart (+solo)

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ALASTOR19 jams

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Petit solo en 3 partie!!

Little solo in 3 parts!!


November 18 2015 02:35:46
cody trippcody tripp
Fantastic !!
+1 November 18 2015 14:18:03 cody tripp ALASTOR
thank you man
July 23 2015 20:27:37
Great story in your playing
+1 July 23 2015 20:29:13 Rickplayer ALASTOR
^^ thank you
July 22 2015 20:26:35
your guitar say it's wonderful how you speak out without a words...just simply wonderful A!
+1 July 22 2015 22:20:42 aleonz ALASTOR
Thank you very much
July 22 2015 18:03:17
This is gorgeous! :)
+1 July 22 2015 18:06:45 KellsBells ALASTOR
thanks a lot KellsBells
July 22 2015 18:09:11 KellsBells KellsBells
Glad to have you here at the Loops! :) \m/
July 22 2015 18:11:49 KellsBells ALASTOR
yeah!!! stay metal my friend \m/
July 22 2015 18:01:29
good Job,friend
+1 July 22 2015 18:05:22 ivax ALASTOR
thanks :)
July 22 2015 17:50:50
Triste et belle, la vie n'est pas facile tout les jours. Mais ensemble le temps n'a plus d'importance. Tu es là, je te regarde partir, plus un mot, plus un bruit. Il n'y a que toi qui me sourie.
Toujours dans mon cœur , je puise cette force pour rendre ma vie meilleur. Le reste ne sera que plus fort, quand je devient Alastor. La musique est la dans chacun de nos gestes, chacun de nos pas, résonne dans nos corps. Toujours avec nous, toujours avec moi, triste et belle, elle sera toujours là

Sad and beautiful, the life is not easy everything in daytime. But together the time does not have importance anymore. You are there, I watch you leaving, the more a word, the more a noise. There is only you which smiles to me.
Always in my heart, I draw this strength to make my life better. The rest will only be stronger, when I becomes Alastor. The music is in each of our gestures, each of our steps, Resounds in our bodies. Always with us, always with me, sad and beautiful. It will always be there

July 22 2015 17:40:13
that's a lovely song to hear this morning. i like the way you took your time with it. sweet, dreamy quality to the piece. Bravo!
+1 July 22 2015 17:47:50 AnneCozean ALASTOR
Thank you very much. I am happy that she pleases you ^^. Merci encore une fois ;)
July 22 2015 17:38:54
Nice smooth vibe Alas & a late Welcome to The Loops
I think you'll enjoy it here ;)

+1 July 22 2015 17:44:29 nuno1959 ALASTOR
Thank you. ^^ yes I have fun here. One week and already quite a lot of post

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