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Sorry this is a little self indulgent.
I first saw Gary Moore in about 1974 when he was with a band called Skid Row (Phil Lynott was one of their roadies). It was after the gig i decided i had to give up playing guitar - 41 years later I'm still trying...
Thanks to Psycho for track 45462, for inspiring me, for providing the backing track and of course to Mr Moore for making my life a misery :-)


July 24 2015 02:12:00
PsychoPsycho This is wonderful Dave... love the tone !!
+1 July 24 2015 11:32:03 Psychodavet
Thanks, your track drove me to do this.
July 22 2015 23:40:56
ItocpogoItocpogo Love the multiple guitar lines, so in synch with each other and great guitar playing
+1 July 22 2015 23:47:25 Itocpogodavet
Thank you very much Mr Sax
July 22 2015 23:34:31
TofzegritTofzegrit So! This is the master track I was waiting from you and I must say we do not sharing this kind of playing: you deal very well with it
Bravo bravo
from 05:15 to end: pow pow pow ;)

+1 July 22 2015 23:39:34 Tofzegritdavet
Hope you enjoyed it. Hurt my fingers playing this as I used my old Les Paul with 010 gauge strings. But playing it makes me try harder!
July 22 2015 23:46:19 Tofzegritdavet
So you only liked the last 23 seconds eh! I could have saved some time :-))
July 22 2015 23:51:22 TofzegritTofzegrit
lol I was sure !!!
Of course I enjoyed it and not 23 seconds only 05:16 to 05:22 :)
July 22 2015 20:18:36
aleonzaleonz oh WOW! (I'm pausing my comment...) that baby crying and shouting really squeeze the have a magic in your fingers Davet!
+1 July 23 2015 07:48:08 aleonzdavet
Thank you for stopping by to listen. I'm a big fan of your music.
July 22 2015 20:06:11
cody trippcody tripp Holy Crap !!! You have Gary down to a T. This is freakin' KILLER !!!
+1 July 22 2015 21:15:33 cody trippdavet
Coming from you that's a killer compliment. thank you.
July 22 2015 19:33:19
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler perfect Dave:)
+1 July 22 2015 21:16:52 Lenny Cowlerdavet
Thank you Mr C love your beats.
July 22 2015 18:46:52
PJEPJE Hey DaveT nice one - its great - I am playing along with this while listening to it :)
+1 July 22 2015 18:49:43 PJEdavet
thanks, ive been enjoying trying to play along with Gary Moore for the last 41 years. I hope a little has rubbed off!
July 22 2015 18:32:58
AnneCozeanAnneCozean love the harmony at 1:12 and other spots - don't know who this Moore guy is, but he apparently inspires. i think this is a great slice of very well played mood. don't hear one bit of self indulgence - just a musician enjoying himself, which i really enjoyed!
+2 July 22 2015 18:36:58 AnneCozeandavet
Thanks Anne, see He's my hero

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