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Benjamin worked his wondrous ways on me yet again! Wasn't sure how to post this, as he sent me a slightly extended version of 44378. Should I have posted my mix as "sequencer?" I always thought Benjamin was an older mature guy, based on the depth and sensitivity of his music. SURPRISE! He's a younger mature guy!!! So glad to know him and his music. :) Hope this works for you.
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sad again


It isnĀ“t easy for me to find the right words. All of your Fans have wrote so kindly and beautyful words. But i will say it with my own words. You merges with Hurzels wonderful presentation. Your voice is excellent and with the lyrics, you deliver from a very credible package! I believe you. Hurzel is truly a very talented young Man. I got to know him in 2014 in Urft know and I am pleased once again to all these great people! Ok, enough Lobhuddelei, Great Great Great !!!! :)+3
July 24 2015 18:41:53
AnneCozean Andreas - your comment is a Gift to me and Ben. Thank you for the way you listen - I have the feeling you really hear us! +1
what a wonderful gift for the whole wikiloops community :) your voice is really a perfect match for hurzel's piano : love your tessiture ! this deep voice is movin me sis !! thank you :)+2
July 22 2015 22:34:03
AnneCozean whew, Brother, you sure know how to sweet talk a sister. if i had a daughter, i'd name her Tessiture. :) thank you, OliV, for your continued cheerleading. it's a wonderful thing! +3
Anne, you already know how i feel about your music and this number is simply another verification. wonderful piano accompaniment.+2
July 22 2015 22:56:26
AnneCozean thank you for spending the priceless commodity - Time - on us, P. your graciousness is none too shabby, neither. :) +1
a sweet simplicity and sadness...stripped back and lovely from you both Hurzel and Anne :)+2
July 24 2015 18:27:35
AnneCozean thank you, Sweet Shi! +1
Under control Anne.
You hypnotize my mind when I'm hearing your voice... and I feel it good!
July 24 2015 18:29:01
AnneCozean you are under my spell, Chris - give me all your money and guitar playing skills.....PLEASE! thank you..:) +1
that lush voice yummm it pours over me like honey, yup works for me. Hurzel love the backing+2
July 24 2015 18:47:26
AnneCozean glad it worked for you, Vicki. thanks for checking us out :) +0
I always love the way you deliver all that great emotions with your warm and beautiful voice Anne! plus the way you write your lyrics...WOW! excellent track Ben! as always!+1
July 22 2015 22:32:00
AnneCozean thank you, Sweet Alice! :) +1
Beautiful lyrics and vocals Anne. Masterpiece !! Playlisted+1
July 22 2015 22:35:48
AnneCozean aw, shucks, Cody - thank you. really enjoyed your fiddle number, too - you've got quite a branch-out of genres going on there....:) +1
Anne ! The emotions that your voice, so rich in nuance and depth , gives us is a gift for which I can only say THANK YOU !!+1
July 22 2015 22:54:27
AnneCozean Stefano - the Gift for me is this Candy Shop of Music where one can sample tasty morsel after tasty morsel. thank you, Sir, for yours. :) +2
Addictive listening Anne - vocals stunning in richness and intensity! Wonderful :)+1
July 22 2015 22:57:35
AnneCozean i'm so glad you liked it, Peter. it's a joy singing to a minimal arrangement like this. hats off to hurzel! appreciate your ear, P. :) +3

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