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cody tripp
Remix step #3 (playing)
United States


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if there's one thing Cody knows how to deliver, it's a Love Song. the authenticity of his feelings and the sweet fiddle and mandolin really spoke to me in this tune. just a little background support from me - thank you, Cody!


July 03 2016 17:23:24
Rod_StevensRod_Stevens :)

August 28 2015 21:25:09
UloisiusUloisius This is so good, i love it ;o)

August 07 2015 20:45:19
texassontexasson Wonderful duet!
+0 August 22 2015 04:47:45 texassonAnneCozean
thank you, Jared. :)
July 30 2015 13:04:26
heliandrosheliandros how wonderfull your soft addition, Anne!
+0 August 03 2015 18:42:55 heliandrosAnneCozean
Andreas - your ear is everywhere! and i'm glad :)
August 03 2015 18:47:46 heliandrosheliandros
my ear is always near you and your lovely voice, Anne, you don't know how deep you touch my heart, with your expression of your soul...
July 27 2015 10:29:19
MarianneMarianne Brilliant add, Anne, with your haunting voice complementing cody's romantic lyrics dancing around the two of you, and forever in my heart! :)
+0 August 03 2015 18:42:32 MarianneAnneCozean
thank you, Sweet Sonic Sister....:)
August 04 2015 09:16:45 MarianneMarianne
July 26 2015 11:47:27
FrankMilFrankMil Fantastic stuff. a true wikiloops classic. I loved this the first time I heard it, was moved. again like a dodgy curry it's repeating on me.
Well done Anne and Cody

+0 August 03 2015 18:42:15 FrankMilAnneCozean
"dodgy curry" - i learn so many useful phrases here! :) thank you, Frank.
July 25 2015 12:42:14
WadeWade Sensitivity and sweetness. A whole category to itself..."mature country love song". Pace, arrangement, vocals all totally fitting. So good of Anne to add her wonderful voice and personal to this.
+0 July 25 2015 20:07:46 WadeAnneCozean
Tripp trapped me with that mushy love stuff - i'm such a sucker for men in love! thank you for your lovely feedback, Wade. :)
July 25 2015 10:59:39
AKchenAKchen wonderful ...
+0 July 25 2015 20:06:22 AKchenAnneCozean
akchen, es freut mich sehr!
July 25 2015 08:13:56
NeronickNeronick Great lovesong. A second voice makes all the difference but Anne's does it twice
+1 July 25 2015 20:06:02 NeronickAnneCozean
DELICIOUS review, Nick - thanks so much!
July 25 2015 03:19:29
aleonzaleonz I was smiling so big when I look outside my window this morning, I turn up the volume, and I feel all wonderful...you two blend smoothly on this track! what a beautiful feeling you give to your listener .....thank you for the 2 of you!
+1 July 25 2015 20:05:34 aleonzAnneCozean
easy to smile when one belongs to WikiWorld, isn't it? thank you, Alice!
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