Deep Inside (my guitar)

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This is a very hard template to play along because there's so much freedom and emotion ... however the tougher the more rewarding it is : thank you so much Benjamin and Anne for such a wonderful time !! (for a proper recording i had only candles and cedar scent in the room ;) )


the moment when 3 of master art of music blend into 1 track...sublime!+4
Anne -This song couldnt be more perfect for you. Everybody..great job.+3
last chords dies away, and i don't wanna to hear another music for now. Aftertaste is so sweet...
It's Beautiful!
mesmerizing - l'empathie musicale totale! :):)+3
Arena worthy.+2
ooohhh I could not think of a worthier addition to this gorgeous piece. What empathy you have shown toward the keys and the voice+2
Now you're carved in stone, in addition to the name "Anne and Ben". and that is very good. I like this piece of music very. full of emotions and ready to go to the world!+2
entrance at :14 has a gorgeous rich depth.
good choice of guitar pattern to intertwine with B's serenely sad keys. nice dive at 1:23. :)beautiful whisper of harmonics. amazing counter melody at bridge! ima be listening to that section many, many times. i like the way you went right back to original pattern at 3:02. the discord at :53 and especially the end at 3:35 gives this a jagged, broken feel - just perfect! so tickled you sat down and told us what you heard. your Less is Way More Awesome than More way always satisfies. thank you, O!
July 25 2015 07:53:38
OliVBee thank you so much sis ! i can't tell you enough how how impressed i am by your performance ... your delivery is so spot on in such a free and opened marvelous template ! i am your eternal subscriber ôÔ +2
excellent! i am actually out of words... the sound, the atmosphere, the feeling, the precision, i don't know what to say... :)+2
July 25 2015 22:19:10
OliVBee Glad you like it buddy ! I really had to dive into the breathing of your piano ... Which is absolutely great ! Using the tempo as a component of the drama is very clever ;) +1
July 26 2015 13:09:08
hurzel maybe that's due to my deep interest in classical music, where that is part of nearly every piece. I can relate to the challenge though, I'm trying to play an acoustic line on this myself... :) +1
Absolute class. A beautiful song made even more beautiful. Knowing when not to play and preserving the space and simplicity that allows all of the emotional content is the key. Great players understand this.+2
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