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ROBJOL214 jams Supporter
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piper887 jams Supporter
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This is dedicated to my little bro G :)
I read a post he posted talking with Rob about corn and strawberry stands.
Hope you enjoy :)


August 04 2015 21:16:00
jamladyjamlady how wonderful!
+1 August 04 2015 21:59:41 jamladypiper
thank you Jamlady. :)
July 27 2015 10:05:14
MarianneMarianne WOW...I'm sitting back absorbing these sweet haunting lyrics to ROBJOL's wonderful guitar playing, listening with absolute pleasure to you both! Your voice, piper, brings the song home! :)

July 27 2015 04:24:25
ROBJOLROBJOL A smooth bass line and light drums would be appropriate. Let's hope...

July 25 2015 15:49:02
ROBJOLROBJOL Sweet, beautiful. That's all..
+1 July 25 2015 15:51:51 ROBJOLpiper
Thank you Rob :) I hope you like it, it was a pleasure. :)
July 25 2015 11:06:42
AKchenAKchen so fitting ... lovely
+1 July 25 2015 14:19:46 AKchenpiper
Thank Alkchen, very kind of you :)
July 25 2015 09:43:40
CountryboyCountryboy You should definitely sing more! The boys melts like butter in sunshine of your voice! Beutifully :)
+1 July 25 2015 14:20:40 Countryboypiper
Thank you so much CB, that is very kind of you to say. :)
July 25 2015 08:47:49
RobMRobM Another beautiful pairing. I tend to agree with G's comments ... you have a very soothing vocal style and very enjoyable to listen to .. a great track Piper :)
+1 July 25 2015 14:23:45 RobMpiper
Thank you Rob, I really appreciate and value your comments :)
July 25 2015 08:04:53
PsychoPsycho :) Why where you hiding this wonderful voice PIPER ??? You got more stuff hidden away too :)
+1 July 25 2015 14:24:47 Psychopiper
Awww, thank you Psych :) I'll never tell, he he ;)
July 25 2015 07:58:41
NeronickNeronick Well done add. Like your timbre. Maybe there are some tricks to reduce the psychoacoustic effect of the overdupping workflow
+1 July 25 2015 14:17:31 Neronickpiper
Any suggestions would be greatly helpful! Still learning the mixing. :)
July 25 2015 15:21:44 NeronickGirard
Well done comment. Maybe there are some tricks I could give you to reduce the unfortunate effect of focusing on negatives, and making people feel bad about themselves.
July 25 2015 04:40:13
GirardGirard That is beautiful. I don't say that much. Just knowing it was made with our sibling non-rivalry in mind makes it so touching and real to me. Thank you for this sweet meaningful gift. I drive by these farms and corn/strawberry stands in real life all the time, and by you singing this it was sort of like riding out there with you :). Once we got there we just stood there making fun of the farming community, and how bad it smells, equally as fun as the ride.

Now, onto the performance. I think I have identified what it is about your voice that I have been trying to tell you about. I receive a STRONG vibe of nurturing and strength in your voice. I think your voice is comforting. That's what it is. It's comforting. It's like a lullaby effect. Some singers make the listener feel like they are in a loungy club, others make them feel like they are at a party, your voice makes me feel like i'm at home, comfortable. Content. Not worried about anything.

I guess I wouldn't listen to Robot Boy Glasses for comfort, but that's a different zone. You know what i've said for jams like that.


+1 July 25 2015 14:15:33 Girardpiper
Thank you G for the heart felt comment, I truly appreciate it, means so much to me that someone enjoys my work :)
July 25 2015 14:16:02 Girardpiper
And not just someone a good friend :)
July 25 2015 16:08:11 GirardGirard
Great :) And i'm not the only one who truly enjoys your work :)
July 27 2015 09:59:17 GirardMarianne
Not by any means! :)

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