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Remix step #4 (playing)


frankyguitar445 jams Supporter
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No way to pass by! This is a really nice work from wilf67 and nuno. He added a killer wah bass line. And I take the chance to add something. First I would follow the bass, but it is still to difficult for me to exact follow. So I play roundabout an half hour with it and decide me for a second line, wich cross nunos bass here and there , hope it works. Recorded it yesterday evening and did the mix today, doubled the original and use a bit eq, comps, and a bit nice funny stuff from GarageBand and I hope you have fun. Nuno, it's for you and your health buddy.


July 26 2015 01:25:09
This is nice Franky! Like the sound, too. 3:09 a little bit weird - but why not :D .
+1 July 26 2015 01:28:45 TeeGee frankyguitar
Yes my friend, this was my intention! It is not all fine in Urban life, this is represented a bit the dirty side.... I hope :D
July 26 2015 01:15:08
Super add Franky ... sounds fantastic !! :)
+1 July 26 2015 10:02:27 RobM frankyguitar
Rob my friend, thank you very much it is alway a pleasure if you have time to listen my noise! I appreciate this :D
July 25 2015 23:10:09
super, was du hier gemacht hast, totaaal klasse ;)
+1 July 25 2015 23:22:31 AKchen frankyguitar
Dankeschön! Wenn Du bock hast kannst du das HD file haben. Könntest Du nach belieben kürzen für Dich... :)
July 26 2015 15:42:06 AKchen AKchen
immer noch nicht wirklich den flow momentan ;) danke dir von Herzen, ist echt ein cooles Stück :)
July 25 2015 22:13:19
great play
+1 July 25 2015 22:32:50 chrisbass frankyguitar
Thank you chris, Freut mich das es Dir gefällt :)
July 25 2015 20:29:41
OLEEE! Franky ;)
+1 July 25 2015 20:31:41 tullicbr frankyguitar
miauuuur! Thanx a lot tulli, nice from you to listen it :)
July 25 2015 20:09:58
I like it already 10 sec in :) great play franky !!
+1 July 25 2015 20:30:23 Psycho frankyguitar
He Psy, I think this is my personal record! LOL. Thank you very much for listen and your comment, I appreciate it very much! :)
July 25 2015 20:05:30
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
super play Franky:)
+1 July 25 2015 20:27:54 Lenny Cowler frankyguitar
Thank you very much Lenny! Very nice from you to listen!
July 25 2015 18:52:16
cody trippcody tripp
really cool
+1 July 25 2015 19:08:05 cody tripp frankyguitar
Cody, I appreciate it really. I'm very glad about your words. Thanks a lot for listen :)
July 25 2015 18:19:11
absolut coool ;o)
+1 July 25 2015 18:35:56 Uloisius frankyguitar
Hey Uli, freut mich sehr das Du reinschaust! Super das es Dir gefällt, das HD File ist vorhanden, nur falls Du eine schöne Idee haben solltest... ;)
July 25 2015 18:01:18
I love the title!

Fits right in, and adds more. This is a really good jam Franky. The guitar is very well done!! Such a nice jam, very relaxing and smooth sounding. Great job.

2:30 !!!!!!

One of your best! Real good tone!

Sounds like a detective action movie!

+1 July 25 2015 18:10:22 Girard frankyguitar
Thanx G, yes, I would try to make a little story. NICE!! You found it!! It is a story from a normal person in the urban city wich is always absolut not crazy. But it came another person in their live.... and see whats happened....
July 25 2015 18:13:28 Girard Girard
You are out there in your green boat!

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