End up together

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inspiré par la magnifique voix de kellsbells;) musique d'une âme torturé

inspired by the splendid voice of kellsbells;) music of a heart tortured

Lyrics Fr :
on y arrivera, ensemble.
et on restera, ensemble.
et on verra, qu'on se ressemble.
et on finira, ensemble.
et tout les deux on va, ensemble.
et l’espace tu vois, nous rassemble.

lyrics Eng :
one will arrive there, together.
and one will remain, together.
and it will be seen, that one resembles oneself.
and one will finish, together.
and both one goes, together.
and spaces it you see, gathers us.


July 13 2016 16:34:23
francisco alfrancisco al bom trabalho

November 02 2015 21:56:33
MidoruMidoru Big epic sound - Great song!
+1 November 06 2015 17:18:24 MidoruALASTOR
thanks man !
July 26 2015 01:49:50
KellsBellsKellsBells ALASTOR!!! This is AMAZING!!! Merci beaucoup for this REALLY cool track! I love it. And your voice is exceptional! Very cool track all around. Dig the metal...the softness, a hauntingly beautiful song. :)
+1 July 26 2015 20:19:26 KellsBellsALASTOR
Not me...you are amazing!! Thank you so much
July 27 2015 02:59:12 KellsBellsKellsBells
I'd love to know the lyrics. I don't suppose you would be willing to post them in French? I can run them through a translator. :) Listening to this again because it is awesome! :D
July 27 2015 15:47:05 KellsBellsALASTOR
there is no problem, I them put in description;)
thank you for your compliments
July 25 2015 22:12:25
AnneCozeanAnneCozean very powerful combination of personalities. Kells' vocal curtain is so soft and gauzy - against your Big Music, it's a neat combo. then you sing!! and you sing beautifully - lovely, full, soothing, open voice. glad to know this about you, ALASTOR! really nice job on this creation!
+2 July 25 2015 22:19:33 AnneCozeanALASTOR
One thank you has you. i'm very happy :)
July 25 2015 21:59:18
KeitonKeiton Great stuff :)
+1 July 25 2015 22:00:17 KeitonALASTOR
thanks ;)
July 25 2015 21:52:28
GirardGirard Oh yeah! Nice and creative, and heavy!! Used it perfectly! This is great, everyone is gonna add this vocal from Kelly into their jams, she's like a haunting mermaid in the depths of the sea..

Your voice is really good too!!! I really like this!

+2 July 25 2015 21:56:23 GirardALASTOR
Thank you very much, yes it is true that her voice is fascinating. Thank you again for everything
July 25 2015 22:03:22 GirardGirard
You are welcome!

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