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vocals--Is anyone interested in doing the oooh's and aaah's behind the vocals? I'm going for kind of a Wilco style country rock but wish I had the Eagles back there doing the cool backing vocals. This is my first try here on a country rock song as I wrote the autobiographical lyrics. Hope you guys like it. If anyone wants to record the main vocal, send me a note and I'll remix it w/o the lead vocals. The lyrics are listed with the chords in that section. I don't really have the voice for this type of music, but wanted you to hear the melody to sing in case you wanted to try it. -- Gator


February 28 2016 19:30:52
BalfoBalfo Love it!

July 27 2015 19:58:48
GatorblueGatorblue I am going to post a remix of the song without the vocals. I am hopeful that someone with a good country/rock voice will sing this. My voice is passable for blues but I've never been able to sing pretty

July 27 2015 19:34:28
pklieschpkliesch Very nice song and singin', Gator :)

July 26 2015 04:26:02
francisco alfrancisco al linda canção

July 25 2015 23:46:40
PsychoPsycho This is great gator... do you have some single instrument tracks that we could maybe join in on with ya? Now that would be fun for all, the cats meow :)
+1 July 26 2015 13:26:25 PsychoGatorblue
TRY 45389--it's just acoustic guitar and vocal--got room for guitar solos, bass, drums, keys, etc. I'll post more like that. Thanks, Gator
July 25 2015 23:12:18
AKchenAKchen it´s so nice :)

July 25 2015 22:33:16
StefStef Great country rock Gator !It seems to me that the voice for this kind of music do you have and how !!

July 25 2015 22:27:51
KeitonKeiton Your songs are always good. I'm your big fan. However, this song is no more anything necessary. Great.
+0 July 25 2015 22:30:16 KeitonGatorblue
Wow! Thanks Keiton for the kind words. I was kind of wondering how others might respond to it.

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