Dance Pants with Trumpet

Remix step #5 (playing)
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sfiks50 jams
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That's all I could come up with :)
Thank you mpointon, Marceys, and alexj for the inspiration and opportunity.


August 03 2015 20:31:33
fine new voice you bring to the WikiLoops Table, Slava. your instrument has a very fine vocabulary. enjoyed!
+0 August 03 2015 22:33:02 AnneCozean sfiks
Thanks a lot for finding time to listen, Ann! I think about that table all the time :)
August 03 2015 23:44:52 AnneCozean AnneCozean
warning! before you know it, you are so full, you can not push yourself away from that table. so you continue to sit there. and eat. and eat. and eat.....(do not ask me how i know...:)
August 04 2015 03:10:11 AnneCozean sfiks
No, I know how you know :)
August 03 2015 15:04:53
oh wow, what an addition... great, sfiks!!! And feel welcome, in wikiwonderland :)
+0 August 03 2015 17:52:14 heliandros sfiks
Thank you for your time and a compliment :)
July 31 2015 22:32:20
this is scary good! so glad I'm checkin out of you , that solo so hot! this track really on fire! more pleaseeeee
+0 August 01 2015 00:25:01 aleonz sfiks
Thank you, I thought maybe somebody else would want to join.
July 31 2015 11:08:20
Awesome man! You made this funk track sound so sexy!.
+1 July 31 2015 14:56:45 kennyadry sfiks
"sexy" sounds good to me, thank you :)
July 29 2015 22:26:51
niiiiice :) cool to have you around ;)
+0 July 30 2015 01:16:29 OliVBee sfiks
Thank you, nice to meet you too :)
July 29 2015 09:27:29
Yeah, such great trumpet sounds are so welcome to the loops, as well as you are, sfiks! :)
+0 July 29 2015 15:46:03 Liesching sfiks
Thanks a lot!
I feel like a boy in a candy store - oh,I want to participate in this piece, oh, I want to download this one, oh, maybe somebody will play on my mix :).
But I'm a big boy now. So I tell myself "one step at a time, boy".
I'll try not to be so talkative as well.
July 27 2015 11:35:26
glad i stumbled across this... always good to hear some hooooorns on the loops!
+0 July 27 2015 15:30:15 Dick sfiks
Thank you for checking that out, Dick. And for the fun place you created, of course ;) There is more to come!
July 26 2015 21:48:58
Hey sfiks, that's very cool playing! took me an hour and half downloading using the Iphone as a hotspot but it was worth it! greetings from Italy! :)
+0 July 27 2015 00:12:55 Marceys sfiks
Thank you for the effort :) I had so much fun with the piece and hope I didn't spoil your solo.
BTW, it's hotter here in NY than in Italy these days.
July 27 2015 16:19:44 Marceys Marceys
It's 39 degrees here....thats hot for me! But i like it! What's the temperture in NY? 25 Celsius if my app is correct!
July 27 2015 16:19:48 Marceys Marceys
It's 39 degrees here....thats hot for me! But i like it! What's the temperture in NY? 25 Celsius if my app is correct!
July 27 2015 16:35:35 Marceys sfiks
Today's much cooler after the rain. 25 C is correct :)
July 26 2015 17:35:07
Very cool! Welcome, sfiks! You have a very expert looking soundengineer! :)
+0 July 26 2015 20:06:42 pkliesch sfiks
haha that's me :)
July 26 2015 13:39:07
great job you guys.


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