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A few weeks ago I posted a mix of these lyrics and a melody someone else had posted somewhere else. I had never thought the melody was quite right as it was an interpretation of an old celtic tune, so it was my hope that I could collaborate here and come up with something far better. John to the rescue. He sent me a rough draft with my vocals mixed in to give me an idea of what he was after. Then we both got side tracked...now he is away on holiday and I haven't had the chance to run this by him. Lets just say its a work in progress and if the Maestro isn't happy then it will be done again. John as always its a pleasure to work with you and I hope you are happy with where I am going with this. You have a wonderful 6th sense as to what I am hoping to achieve. Hugggs
Thanks to anyone taking the time to listen


June 28 2016 00:35:57
francisco alfrancisco al
muito bonito

August 10 2015 14:37:48
Hey Vicky...hope everything is ok with you..
+2 October 02 2015 08:13:20 fanne MorganLeFey
I will be honey, I promise, I'm not there yet but you have the lyrics of my next song
October 02 2015 23:59:16 fanne fanne
this makes my day Vicky! so glad to hear from you! I thought we lost you..and sure ,I have them great lyrics :)
August 06 2015 01:39:55
aye, and to be sure, this is your ticket, Toots. loved that intro! John's music is the Real Deal - and you make a beautiful team with a unique sound. i could weep from the music alone - you made it so very nice with your voices, Vicki. heavenly harmony. huge hugs. :)
+1 August 06 2015 05:21:19 AnneCozean AnneCozean
I'm sorry to hear that, V....
August 06 2015 04:55:17 AnneCozean MorganLeFey
Anne my eyes are prickling, thank you. Believe me I need all the hugs I can get at present, there is no music in my soul at present
August 05 2015 21:15:37
You nailed it Morgan !!
+1 August 06 2015 04:56:05 fanne MorganLeFey
Glad you are happy John, hope we can do it again soon. Hugggs
July 27 2015 08:43:42
What a wonderful song, Morgan and Maestro! :) Awesome!
+2 August 06 2015 04:56:29 Liesching MorganLeFey
Thank you so much :D
July 27 2015 08:05:37
Wow ! you drive me away
That's a clean tune for an escape in your soul and a free traveling to the Celtic roots.
Bravo et merci Morgan

+2 August 06 2015 04:56:59 Tofzegrit MorganLeFey
lovely comment, thank you so much for taking a listen :)
July 27 2015 00:12:42
I am Irish and Native American. Yeah I know what a mix lol. I've been out west looking for my family roots on my grandmothers side. But have always wanted to go to go to Ireland. My grand father was from the Northern Antrim area. That's for bringing home a little closer. Very much Enjoyed!
+2 August 06 2015 04:57:28 Acousticeg MorganLeFey
thank you so much
July 26 2015 22:33:17
Very nicely done, sounds great!

July 26 2015 20:02:50
Cool song... a fun listen :)

July 26 2015 17:31:58
Most excellent :)


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