Nestapa (Sorrow)

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A little ballad that I sing with my own language (Bahasa Indonesia).

Nestapa (Sorrow)
By: Aliceleonz
(lyrics in bahasa at the 1st comment)

Lyrics Translation

when my heart feel so down
The night walk slowly
through the pain
I can't feel anything
Only a prayer from
my soul that hold my feet

All by myself again.
I fell into this loneliness
There's no friend
If tomorrow I should wake
Please help me to go on
even if my flash and blood
feel so numb and bitter
I'm breathing ...
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Nestapa (Sorrow)
By: Aliceleonz

Bila hati terasa kelu
(when my heart feel so down)
malam sendu melangkah pilu
(The night walk slowly
through the pain)
hilang rasa tinggalah asa
(I can't feel anything )
tertopang doa didalam sukma
(only a prayer from
my soul that hold my feet)

Sendiri lagi ku terjatuh dalam sepi
(by myself again...
I fell into this loneliness)
tiada siapa yang menemani
(There's no friend to be on my side)
Bila esok aku terjaga
(If tomorrow I should wake
and open my eyes)
mampukanku untuk melangkah
(Please help my self to go on)
walau raga terasa hampa
(even if my flash
and blood feel so numb )
bernapas ku dalam nestapa
(I'm breathing through my sorrow)

mungkinkah terganti lagi
(will there be any changes)
semua derita rasaku ini
(for all my sadness)
tak kuasa sembunyi
(I can't no longer hide)
tak kuasa berlari
(I can't no longer run)
hanya terdiam didalam perih
(only stay quietly
deep inside this wounded heart)

hingga kapan kah begini
(How long should I wait)
harus kulewati hari- hari
(I have to live day by day)
tiadalah teman ku
(With no one on my side)
berbagi sembilu
(To share this pain and sadness)
hanya sendiri
(only by myself)
This is gorgeous. Such an intimate of my favorites of yours so far. :)+2
July 26 2015 17:52:47
aleonz Thank you very much kelly! so happy you stopped by and like it :) +1
This is so hypnotising & enchanting - like Ulo I would love to know the words Alice :)+2
July 27 2015 04:30:54
aleonz Thank you PJ, the bahasa lyrics is on the 1st comment, but I also write down the translation in above :) thank you +1
July 30 2015 15:41:54
PJE Alice thank you for the lyrics - and it is as really beautiful as I had imagined - you are truly gifted and so versatile :) +4
This is deep as it can only be when sung from the soul/spirit. Even without understanding the words. Thank you very much!+2
July 30 2015 05:09:50
aleonz you are very kind Lutz, that's means a lot for me :) +0
I am very happy to listen to you singing in your mother tongue, and asked me when it would occur...
And very it is now done today!
July 26 2015 17:50:57
aleonz Thank you Titi, so happy to share something from my own culture...that is what I love very much about this place ...colorful with so many colors +1
July 26 2015 17:51:27
aleonz is that the chord that I play? +2
July 26 2015 17:54:02
titi Yes. +0
July 26 2015 17:57:36
aleonz ah now I knowwww thank youuuu Titi +2
July 26 2015 19:27:20
titi Eb Maj to be more precise.
My best friend works in Djakarta for one year, and it is planned that I go to see him in 2016...
Such a lovely and heartwarming song. Bahasa seems to be a poetic language. I love it. :)+1
July 26 2015 17:52:19
aleonz Patrick thank you very much... +0
Lenny Cowler
July 26 2015 17:52:57
Lenny Cowler
aleonz Thank you lenny! +2
Gifts day today!
So nice you share some more of you, from you, for us!
Marvelous moment.
Merci Alice Terima kasih
July 26 2015 17:56:35
aleonz Merci beaucoup Tof!

and when someone say Terima Kasih, we answer it ....sama-sama (it's like you're welcome) heheheh
Gorgeous Alice+1
July 27 2015 04:18:29
aleonz Thank you F! +0
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