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What a great template..made better with Alice's wonderful voice. Thought I'd ad some sax before I hit the pharmacy in a bit. hurzel, aleonz, and dannyk..Thank you for the great work !


July 29 2015 00:51:03
WadeWade Good fit for the feel of this one.
+1 July 29 2015 00:54:17 WadeFishinmissio
Thank You Wade..I am likin my new to me tenor sax :)
July 26 2015 19:33:49
DannyKDannyK Great add! Now, don't hit "the pharmacy" too hard, LOL. ;)

July 26 2015 19:17:35
hurzelhurzel very nice! i like your tone on this! delicate!

July 26 2015 18:53:32
StefStef A sax deep and fascinating that further enhances this beautiful song ! Great Fish !!

July 26 2015 18:51:55
PsychoPsycho These songs are a great fit for the horns, and with more of them lately we get to enjoy your great sax playing... bravo fish :)
+1 July 26 2015 20:33:43 PsychoFishinmissio
Thanks Psycho :)
July 26 2015 18:47:03
docnatdocnat Great, very very good. If I can ask you, I noticed a change in the sound of your sax have perhaps a new sax or have you changed mouthpiece?
+1 July 26 2015 20:31:22 docnatFishinmissio
Yes docnat..I purchased another horn..a Selmer Super Action 80 Series 2...Came two weeks ago..last week I got a new(to me) mouthpiece as well..A Jumbo Java T-97. The difference playing this horn versus the old one is night and day. Easier, more responsive and requires alot less air to produce better dynamics. Good ear :)
July 26 2015 21:27:38 docnatdocnat
Night and day is the right definition. Good choice Fish in mission!

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