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I recently decided I wanted to purchase a new smartphone. As the likes of samsung (hate their after sales service) and iphone (hate they dictate what you can and can't do with your purchase after paying an arm and leg for it)were out of my price range I wanted to do some delving into the purchase of a Chinese phone. Interesting experiment. This is a song about purchasing a phone from a company called Elephone. One of their mission statements is produce the best specs for the smallest price...which is all very wonderful, if the fekkin specs work!!!
Not to be deterred from my quest for a chinese smartphone, I am awaiting an Asus zenfone 2 which I hope will be the answer to my prayers ;-) I guess stay tuned for the next chapter :D
My thanks must go to Girard for suggesting this track to work with.


September 02 2015 18:37:07
GirardGirard By the way this is still hilarious. You didn't get nearly enough attention ..

August 30 2015 00:37:55
GirardGirard Update on phone?
+0 August 30 2015 01:46:32 GirardMorganLeFey
I am now the proud owner of an Asus zenfone 2. Gorgeous phone. Elephone are still producing nice looking substandard articles
August 30 2015 01:51:04 GirardGirard
September 02 2015 17:44:45 GirardRelativity
Wheres the bass, Girard?
September 02 2015 18:36:19 GirardGirard
Waiting for you
September 02 2015 19:07:44 GirardRelativity
Girard. Lay down the groove for Ms Lefay. Where are your manners?
September 02 2015 21:16:15 GirardGirard
lol we will see, I pointed DannyK to it, we'll see what happens, I think Danny might be able to do better than I would on this.
August 29 2015 18:43:32
sheltonshelton Very Cool ! :)

August 10 2015 23:34:02
francisco alfrancisco al muito bom trabalho boa canção

July 29 2015 19:35:31
pklieschpkliesch Cool topic for a song! :)

July 28 2015 00:14:02
bleymehlbleymehl I like your voice telling us stories!

July 27 2015 22:05:55
woXeywoXey Oh yes m`am! Great add! i love the vibe of this.. cool theme for a cool track.. thank u so much Morgan

July 27 2015 15:51:22
FishinmissioFishinmissio If Asus's phones are as good as the PC I have..I think you'll be satisified. Brilliant song!

July 27 2015 14:18:40
onewholeftonewholeft I rent out phones so I have about 600 of them but have to say you still can't go past an Apple !

July 27 2015 11:44:13
NeronickNeronick Thumbed and downloaded before listening because your music is exciting to my ears...


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