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I wrote this song because I am currently stationed away from my family and at times it is very difficult. This song was inspired by the difficult times, and its the music that helps me get through them! Please add anything you wish. Music is Life!


August 19 2015 17:24:01
WOW...such emotion...I appreciate the sincerity in all your vocals. Beautiful lyrics and a beautiful guitar track. :)

August 09 2015 04:45:59
The best songs come from our inner feelings
+1 August 09 2015 04:48:15 onewholeft Herman420
August 02 2015 17:54:34
Thank you all. Very rough life, but a necessary one!

July 28 2015 22:26:08
I like the singing! Power from the Heart. Thumbs! :)

July 28 2015 17:56:13
Fantastic Herman

July 28 2015 06:53:58
WOW!! Very touching me!! Extrem expressive! More is not to say!!! Great!!!

July 28 2015 01:12:11
There is a time and a place for everything except this
There is a choice we all make, a fine line we all walk
Some call it a job, some say it's a way of life
And when it's time to go it's hard to talk

The look in their eyes as the tears fall
The pain in your heart as you walk away
To be able to touch instead of a phone call
Praying for the day when you can just stay

I hate being gone
I know damn well it's what I chose to do
Away from home, away from all of you
I want to be home

As time goes by you would think it gets easier
Walking away would just hurt less
But the truth is it gets worse and worse
Like ripping your own heart out your chest

Away from home is where I am now
It's always hard and never gets easy
But one day I will be done with this
Back with my family where I need to be

I hate being gone
I know damn well it's what I chose to do
Away from home, away from all of you
I want to be home

The sleepless nights and endless fights
The apologies and begging please
The video chats that fall apart
The phone calls end before they start
The letters sent and lost replies
The short hello's and long good-byes
The nights of prayers and the faith it takes
The picture stares and the heartaches

It's been too long
I know damn well it's what I chose to do
Away from home, away from all of you
I want to be home

+2 July 28 2015 07:01:30 Herman420 frankyguitar
I Understand you! I was 11 Month away from my family it was a Hard time......
July 28 2015 07:33:14 Herman420 Bayonet
33 years Field Arty, been away a bit too and can relate. Retired 2 yrs ago "But one day I will be done with this" pays the bills now. Stick it out troop!!

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