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Lyrics... The word divine vouch safed by God to man is uttered through the years and many age. And there are lip's touched with the prophet's rage today, as there have been since time began. Not to far off a prodigal clan, to idumean or Judeanian sage did God indite a sacred page, the word. On every hill are sacred altars shrined. And prophets tell their message now and here. Young men see their vision's and old men dream their dream's. A message now is carried on the wind Young men see their vision's and old men dream their dream's...
Acts 2:17
"'In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.


December 13 2015 08:53:24
kennyadrykennyadry This is trully EPIC!!!!
+1 March 17 2016 06:39:34 kennyadryAcousticeg
November 29 2015 03:12:52
petebasspetebass very cool track!!!
+1 November 29 2015 20:00:17 petebassAcousticeg
Thanks Pete
August 19 2015 05:51:13
SexoPhoniXSexoPhoniX Nice voice and guitar here. A pleasure to hear them !

August 18 2015 12:56:31
LieschingLiesching Big wow! Soulful vox! Love it! :)

August 17 2015 11:57:55
RobMRobM Just beautiful A ! You've got quite a voice !!!

August 16 2015 21:08:24
texassontexasson Man of many talents! Beautiful song my friend!

August 16 2015 21:01:26
ShiShi how lovely this is Acousticeg...excellent track all round :)
+1 September 28 2015 01:11:19 ShiAcousticeg
Thanks very much Shi.
August 16 2015 19:37:56
aleonzaleonz WOW this is gorgeous! this is really bring me back to some great musical moment ...Awesome!
+1 September 28 2015 01:14:02 aleonzAcousticeg
I've always been shy when it comes to doing vocals. Thank you very much Aleonz for your encouragement
August 16 2015 09:01:43
davetdavet this is epic, takes me back to college gigs in the early 70s BUT BETTER
+1 September 28 2015 01:16:51 davetAcousticeg
I'm old school influenced by the vocals of Styx Kansas Scorpions and so many others.
July 30 2015 02:18:59
nuno1959nuno1959 SO cool, i don't think i had heard you sing before - VERY well done !!
Cool lyrics as well.. ;)


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