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And this my friends is what Fireball whiskey can do to ya! I laughed so hard after listening to this. Hope you all enjoy!


August 07 2015 21:56:59
mandoloddamandolodda Sounds not so bad:)
sometimes the alcohol will help a little singing. my half drunken version of a wikiloops track you can hear at:
It is in german and shortly: my recording program has problems with bitrate 48kh. it slow the track down and make it deeper to sing. that is about I am singing.

I like your whiskey voice:)

August 02 2015 18:00:25
Herman420Herman420 This was so much fun! Sometimes you just need to let yourself outside your comfort zone and let it flow. Fireball let me do work! Thank you all for the compliments!

July 29 2015 09:34:27
BassterBasster Pretty cool idea! With the right stuff the best ideas are growing. It is the same to me :D

Awesome track!!

July 29 2015 02:33:56
ToadCruncherToadCruncher Does the same thing to me, I just don't have the balls to upload.hehehe

July 29 2015 02:32:32
ToadCruncherToadCruncher dam man lol, Hell YEAH, more whiskey and women for the men!!hahah!!

July 28 2015 23:23:15
MolberMolber Cinnamon whiskey got you going:D shooting fireballs out!!

July 28 2015 21:08:34
GirardGirard Oh yeah B, cold muckin' up the program!
+1 July 28 2015 21:45:19 GirardHerman420
Oh yeah!!!
July 28 2015 20:43:20
slipkid08slipkid08 Haha slow down there DMX
+1 July 28 2015 20:44:58 slipkid08Herman420
Bro, tha whiskey got me crunk! BWahahaha
July 28 2015 20:41:35
Herman420Herman420 This was weird to try. I have never rapped before, but I wanted to see if I could do it without laughing. Success! Thanks Gents... Cheers!!!

July 28 2015 20:38:58
ivaxivax great friend, I do not understand the lyrics, but I like the Flow that has...

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