Cant Fool Love w SlimD, rastafari, Relativity

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Relativity pointed this tune out to me with his title hook idea - and it quickly got under my skin. has an anthemic feel to me - love the groove very much. blank verse and chorus for anyone from 1:25 - 2:19. Thank you gentlemen! (and as i really suck at mixing, i'd be happy to send sep vox)


August 05 2016 10:21:02
jmrukkersjmrukkers Nice one Anne

March 16 2016 17:52:26
pauluspaulus very nice

March 16 2016 17:03:35
ItocpogoItocpogo Outstanding vocal and harmonies as usual Anne! Your mixing is real good!

November 01 2015 22:05:15
KeitonKeiton Nicely done :)

August 06 2015 11:43:20
PJEPJE Maybe complimented you on this before Anne but what the hell - its worth doing so again - you made it an anthem!!! :)
+0 August 06 2015 20:03:22 PJEAnneCozean
well thank you AGAIN, Peter. for me, it was SlimDaver who put the anthemic stamp on it - i simply chimed in, thanks to Relativity's (Joe's) clue that he was hearing CAN'T FOOL LOVE at chorus. and if you want "anthemic," check out 22122 - Harvest Groove - same SlimDaver irresistible groove. can't get THAT one outta my head! :)
August 02 2015 04:24:18
cody trippcody tripp Missed this somehow. Fantastic Anne !!!!
+0 August 03 2015 19:22:31 cody trippAnneCozean
thank you, Reverend Tripp! :)
August 01 2015 13:55:53
PsychoPsycho Simply marvelous !!
+0 August 03 2015 19:22:08 PsychoAnneCozean
thanks for the ear, Brother P'cho!
August 01 2015 07:30:11
francisco alfrancisco al muito legal
+0 August 03 2015 19:21:43 francisco alAnneCozean
you again! :) thank you, francisco.
July 31 2015 20:41:45
texassontexasson always loved this song,and now I love it more! :D
+0 August 03 2015 19:21:23 texassonAnneCozean
i am always thanking you. THANK YOU, Jared!
July 31 2015 18:07:50
titititi Madam Anne,
I like very much you in this register. Indeed, the rock suits perfectly in your bead of voice and your tessitura.
I believe that you are a real singer of rock!:)

+1 August 03 2015 19:20:50 titiAnneCozean
thank you, titi. my voice sounds like my departed father's and Cher's here! if you think i can sing "rock" - well, that's one of us. i thank you with smiles.
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