Alone (remix-feat. Anne Cozean)

Remix step #4 (playing)


Relativity315 jams
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I heard Anne and Frank and it inspired me greatly.A truly wonderful and powerful vocalist with a distinct warm style.
I just went "WOW".

As Always Thanks for Listening!


August 03 2015 23:53:42
boi-ee-oing! love those neck slides downhill at intro - cool. i wanted a slight change at :33 - :44 - could be just my ear? loved the section after I DON'T CARE where you go to town in a furious fashion. intense! you're keeping busy, Joe. :)

July 30 2015 19:36:38
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
very good bass Line:)
+0 July 31 2015 22:55:03 Lenny Cowler Relativity
Thanks Lenny. I actually kicked you up during the recording because I always lock in with my drummer.The entire thing was listening to you get louder /softer/ and when you grooved , I grooved. Thanks man. Excellent drumming.
July 30 2015 18:28:44
This bass line keeps you moving...I like the slides! :)
+1 July 31 2015 22:52:04 KellsBells Relativity are too kind, my friend.
July 30 2015 12:28:22
Really great job on this Joe - expensive but worth it!!! :)
+0 July 30 2015 13:04:21 PJE Relativity
Thanks PJE. So far I only know how to use $6.40 worth of it. My ears are blown out right now. Im starting to hallucinate and hear things that arent there. Need a small breather of quiet I think.Thanks. I really like your versatility.
July 30 2015 11:11:56
great bass, same playing just remixed right?
+1 July 30 2015 12:08:28 FrankMil Relativity
Yes. Only difference is $500 in studio mixing equipment. since last posting I didnt have .
July 31 2015 22:57:16 FrankMil Relativity
Ya know Frank, I was just passing thru Wikiloops, when I heard you , Anne and Lenny. This was first thing I recorded actually. So you kind of got me hooked here. I completed another song first but this was the real first one I downloaded and tried.
July 30 2015 07:50:23
Niiiice bass add!:)
+1 July 30 2015 13:01:23 Mishteria Relativity
Thank You, Mishteria. Ive heard alot of your music and you care and are very passionate about it. Thats wonderful. We will work on the right song when it comes along. It will pick us to be on it.Most appreciated.
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