I am a dreamer

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I am a dreamer
my mind is always dreaming
I dream to hope
and to hope is to belive
I may be a dreamer
but nothing begins
without first a dream
I am a dreamer
a silent dreamer
I am the one who wants
to talk to you
I am the one who wants
to hold you
all night long
I am a dreamer
I like to dream
it helps to forget
about the cold cold world
my mind escapes
I dream of you
Yes I dream of love
I dream of our life together


August 29 2015 04:08:45
SexoPhoniXSexoPhoniX powerfull and pretty voice with nice words. Still have nice dreams :D

August 17 2015 14:20:36
aleonzaleonz I love the way you sing in this song, the way you put your feeling in each of the words that you sung simply beautiful!
+1 August 17 2015 16:06:24 aleonzMishteria
Thank you :)
August 01 2015 13:47:37
PsychoPsycho :)

July 30 2015 22:40:27
cody trippcody tripp Awesome !!!

July 30 2015 19:57:31
aduadu very nice Martina :)

July 30 2015 13:06:36
PJEPJE Its really super Mish - look forward to hearing Robs adds on this :)
+1 July 30 2015 13:07:27 PJEMishteria
Thank you :) me too PJE
July 30 2015 12:21:21
heliandrosheliandros very beautiful, mish!
+1 July 30 2015 12:21:46 heliandrosMishteria
Thank you heliandros!:)
July 30 2015 11:17:37
RobMRobM Very nice, as always, Mish :)
+1 July 30 2015 11:20:15 RobMMishteria
Thank you dear Rob :) I need some guitar?:)
July 30 2015 11:52:36 RobMRobM
I am away for work again, so no guitar for a few weeks. But I have this on my to-do list when I get back ;)
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