Bulgarian Lullaby with my son

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This is not the typical backing track, but when your 5 year old looks at you and asks if he can "do your music with you" you don't say no. Long story short, my great grandfather came to America on the Lusitania from Sophia, Bulgaria back in 1914. He was killed when my grandmother was only 13. He used to sing her this lullaby when she was little. She sang it to my mother. My mother sang it to me and I sing it to my child...yet NONE of us know what the lyrics say or mean. If anyone would be willing to translate for us, It would make 4 generations of people very happy. If you don't know then enjoy my kid who counted us off in a true musical fashion I have a future musician/Wikilooper here! :)


July 18 2017 12:31:44
That was soooooo sweet!!<3

April 21 2016 08:11:06
Awwwww :) how can you not melt hearing this :) :)
+1 April 21 2016 08:15:19 Moor KellsBells
That's my boy! :)
August 29 2015 21:55:39
sooo sweet!

August 27 2015 11:38:29
What an extraordinary treat to listen to you and your sweet son! Adorable, and indeed sounding like a future STAR! He already has that innate natural composure, fascination, and gratitude with making music for FUN! Love you both! :)
+1 August 27 2015 18:13:20 Marianne KellsBells
Thank you Marianne! I think it is important to get kids involved in music at a young age. He LOVES it! (Just turned 5) :) Has his own drum set, guitar and violin. :) Thank you for listening!
August 28 2015 09:22:09 Marianne Marianne
My son is a drummer in a band, and his 5 year old has his own drum kit as well. He's been teaching him, but hasn't got enough time to let him play by himself. The drum kits are set up in the sound proof garage, under lock and key.
August 23 2015 07:05:28
too cute. The ending was sweet. Definitely has the music in her

August 14 2015 19:23:23
So very sweet :)
+1 August 14 2015 20:58:13 Midoru KellsBells
Thank you Midoru for having a listen and for the kind words. :)
August 02 2015 17:26:48
Ohh! Kelly is so sweet to hear, thank you for your joy to carry
+1 August 02 2015 23:28:21 ivax KellsBells
Thank you Xavi!
August 01 2015 13:43:20
Neat !!

August 01 2015 08:06:57
Well...beats the "Poopy Potty Training Song". Nice job!
+1 August 01 2015 10:08:39 Relativity KellsBells
It MIGHT beat that...I'm not sure what the lyrics mean. It very well may be the Bulgarian version of the Poppy potty song. Ahahahaha!
August 01 2015 17:50:51 Relativity Relativity
Its actually very beautiful. I tried to find lyrics based on hearing "necka necka" but no good so far. I did however find this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1OZjvBrJgs It is playing right now and Im diggging it..ALOT.
August 01 2015 07:27:28
francisco alfrancisco al
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