Remix step #3 (playing)


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August 06 2015 04:54:46
sachikomilisachikomili so great

August 01 2015 13:20:42
BalfoBalfo Love this Keiton!

August 01 2015 05:32:33
francisco alfrancisco al muito legal, ótimo

August 01 2015 02:22:24
cody trippcody tripp KILLER GUITAR Kei !!

July 31 2015 21:54:21
GatorblueGatorblue Nice add Keiton. Audacity also allows you to lower the overall volume under the effects section. Just an FYI

July 31 2015 21:25:14
AcousticegAcousticeg Cool tune. Looking at the wave form you can see that their is a slight bit of clipping. I think it's the vocals that are peaking it out here and there. But I've heard bands and vocalist use this as an efx that works for some songs and styles of music. I like the way it sounds. But like Adu said it's a matter of taste. What I would do to tame it down a bit is run the mix through a volume normalizer. I use the one that comes with audacity a free open source recording software.
+1 July 31 2015 21:33:05 AcousticegKeiton
In the case of this song, because from the beginning to the last the same as I used the limiter to use a compressor. If there is an inflection in the song does not use this technique. Yeah, certainly you might hear a little cracking sound. This is a difficult decision.
July 31 2015 20:50:09
aduadu cool Ideas and very good playing! But one criticism. The whole Mix is to loud in my opinion. maybe, that I heard with headphones. :)
+1 July 31 2015 21:02:27 aduKeiton
I was using the limiter does not go to zero or more. I got a sound pressure, but might have heard a big sound to the audience. This is the future :) Thank you so much adu :)
July 31 2015 21:04:54 aduadu
It really is always a matter of taste! ;)
July 31 2015 20:44:12
abuitremoremabuitremorem cool Kei :)
+1 July 31 2015 21:03:17 abuitremoremKeiton
Thank you so much abu : )
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