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Add a bit lead, or so.... sometimes, I think not bad.... tell me what you think about... HD available - for joining friends- I think Sax would be cool- at this parts where the guitar is bad, lol.. :) or a killer baseline... yeah...


Happy 100th Franky
A very cool one Franky Gilmour ;)
August 01 2015 00:16:30
frankyguitar Thank you very much Christophe! I'm very glad you like it! :) Yeah, 100 jams, great I have it total drugged. Ha, ha, FG is now not more for frankyguitar- LOL :D Thanks a lot Tof ;)
The way is long, hard and stony..but I try it...
August 01 2015 00:31:44
Tofzegrit you never know what feeling could make you play ... cause this 100th is sweet +1
August 01 2015 00:38:17
Happy 100th Franky, very nice emotions here+1
August 01 2015 00:24:54
frankyguitar Thanx a lot Girard,for both! Appreciate your comments! :) +1
Hi franky you kicked it good - its a great 100th - really pleased you joined thank you for adding my friend :):)+1
August 01 2015 01:06:11
frankyguitar Thanks a lot you too Peter! I'm very pleased you like this little noise. :D Yeah, 100 jams, nice feeling:D I'm very proud about I can play with you and whitepongo! :) +2
August 01 2015 01:45:22
PJE Cheers franky and that makes me very proud also:) +1
August 01 2015 01:48:27
Killer Man !!! :)+1
August 01 2015 01:43:58
frankyguitar Damn, please see obove, put the answer in the wrong shout box +1
Hey, thanx a lot, I'm very glad you like this litte ad. Your template is such a nice PF style. So I try my add. I know, I would never ever a sec. DG, but I think the feeling is the same ... :) :) :)+1
Killer !!!+1
August 01 2015 08:51:15
frankyguitar Thanx a lot cody!!! :) :) +1
muito bonita+1
August 01 2015 08:48:59
francisco al
frankyguitar Muito agradecido francisco!!:) +0
Nice Frank! I like the rhythm bit from around 2.40, fucking great!+1
August 01 2015 11:22:22
frankyguitar He, he, fucking great! Thanks a lot TG for this nice comment!! Appreciate it very much !! :) +1
Super, Franky! Also ich finde ja, dass Du immer noch besser wirst! :) Grandiose Einfälle mit der lead!+1
August 01 2015 15:43:25
frankyguitar Dankeschön Marc! Was für ein schönes Kompliment- make my Day, würde Harry sagen! :) Es ist für mich immer eine Freunde wenn Dir etwas gefällt! Ich kenne die Musik von DG praktisch mein ganzes Leben lang und habe seine Ideen und Einfälle immer geliebt! Ich Danke Dir ganz besonders für dieses Kompliment! :) +0
HI Franky!!!
very good job,
one wanted mix!! :)
August 01 2015 20:58:23
frankyguitar Thanx a lot my friend :) appreciate you kind words :) +0

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