The Song's Not Quite The Same? No!

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Now the song is not the same for sure! This one is a real jam, there is no clear song structure, just Danalyze in beast mode drumming and Nuno in freeflow bass, and me trying to hang on somehow. I made some notes about when the major changes are, and added some rhythm guitar, and at the beginning one "verse" of solo guitar. So either someone puts vocals on it and I can add more guitar to it afterwards, or we'll have a few guitarists each add about 30 seconds of solo each, to keep it interesting. leave some space between solos as not to overcrowd it. I can do mixing if single tracks are posted. Peace, TG


August 02 2015 21:40:53
Great TG,This is good idea

August 01 2015 23:09:34
:) It's not bad TG... at least you have the ___ to try it :)

August 01 2015 20:55:51
Eh, eh, eh… Loved your ''beast mode'' comment 'cause that's
exactly how it feels : a steam locomotive charging ahead, love it !!
Very cool guitar add TG, it became an awesome jam !!
Thanks for joining in on the fun.. ;) ;)

+1 August 01 2015 21:00:16 nuno1959 TeeGee
Yes it was a challenge but I enjoyed it. I could imagine if we were playing this life we would be at it for 30 minutes :D until Dan collapses :O
August 01 2015 21:02:55 nuno1959 nuno1959
''…note to self : bring oxygen tank for Dan !!…'' :D :D
I think i'll have a whiff or two myself… ;)
August 02 2015 15:57:13 nuno1959 frankyguitar
I have an emergency kit:D :D
August 03 2015 23:59:02 nuno1959 Danalyze45
We could play this as long as we like gentlemen...I just hit start on the Addictive Drums VST and away we all gooooooooo :) :) LOVING this track from all on my return from vacation! Awesome stuff !
August 04 2015 00:11:21 nuno1959 nuno1959
Glad you did Dan, hope you had a rockin' vacation !! ;)
August 01 2015 20:49:24
Nice idea! :)

August 01 2015 20:48:27
This is charging like a bull TG. Stretch those brain waves and those strings and you had fun I know. :)

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