Emotional Guitar Wreck

Remix step #2


PJE144 jams
Remix step #3 (playing)


frankyguitar500 jams Supporter
+ 8
I try this one, it is my first add for piano. Unfortunately not without fu--- mistakes! Will try it in a year or a half again- without mistakes, I hope.
Love this work from the sound wizard cody and the great PJE, he played his drums as would he be frightened to hurt the drums, so gentle!


August 13 2015 15:59:49
I did not hear a mistake only a heartfull pretty melody !! :)
+1 August 13 2015 19:12:16 shelton frankyguitar
Thank you very much shelton, for listening and for spend your time to write this nice comment :) :)
August 04 2015 01:34:11
It's good Franky! Really nice.
+1 August 04 2015 09:46:56 Girard frankyguitar
Thanks very much Girard, woot!! I'm really glad you like this!
August 04 2015 15:33:56 Girard Girard
Green boat zoom vroom :)
August 04 2015 01:25:18
It's good franky, I love that tone !!
+1 August 04 2015 09:30:37 Psycho frankyguitar
Thank you Psy, appreciate your words always! I love your fine playing and how you able to transport your emotions. :)
August 04 2015 00:47:11
cody trippcody tripp
COOL !!!
+1 August 04 2015 09:11:43 cody tripp frankyguitar
Thank you cody, I'm glad you think so! :)
August 04 2015 00:09:28
As beautiful & rewarding as a perfect piece of music certainly is, a jam is a jam & those are not mistakes FG, they simply come with the territory :
Playing along unknown music, unrehearsed & no safety net !? It's brave..
Since we are all here sharing our hearts via music, I'll always appreciate & enjoy the efforts of those who dare it..
Very well done Franky !! ;)

+1 August 04 2015 09:10:23 nuno1959 frankyguitar
Nuno my friend, you ar so kind to me! Yes you are so right, that's the place we share our hearts, our emotions and toughts with our music! Thank you very much nuno!
August 04 2015 18:06:26 nuno1959 nuno1959
Just trying to share the same Wiki Spirit others shared with me when i first joined.. ;) ;)
August 03 2015 23:38:05
So nice when playing comes from heart and let the feeling drive...
So cute and pertinent Franky, Bravo !

+1 August 04 2015 07:32:54 Tofzegrit frankyguitar
Merci beaucoup mon ami! Appreciate your warm words!!
August 03 2015 23:27:18
Very nice playing Man !!!! Great tone.
+1 August 04 2015 07:27:59 WHITEPONGO frankyguitar
Thanx lot WP! I'm glad you like it! Appreciate it!!
August 03 2015 22:25:29
What a great add franky - lots of feeling and emotional - not easy as I think my timing was bad on this - you did great :)
+1 August 03 2015 22:38:06 PJE frankyguitar
Thank you very much Peter :D
I have to do it again, in a year or so for better playing.
The emotions, well I close the eyes and let it out.( Sorry, I'm a bit sentimental )
But damn I can not see what is happened at my Blondie..... have to get (learn) the overview at my guitar..... :) :)
August 03 2015 22:43:15 PJE frankyguitar
Timing, I think I have a bit a feeling for that, not really good, but I think yours is not bad here in! :)
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