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Fantastic original template I loved since first heard it -
What asuperb adds on this from Alice and Joe - I got so excited I jumped straight in - just could not help myself - just felt the original drums needed a little more rocky punch - anyway great jam loved it thank you all
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relativity, Alice, Rock


Awesome Mr Bonham!
I prefer real musicians over digital anyday. Isnt that the point of wikiloops...to inspire people to get off their asses and be creative?Something YOU did to me just the other day? Show what they got at any skill or playing level and encourge it? You felt inspired and went for it. A true musician.I cant tell you how many great songs I hear daily...no wait hourly...and think "I WANT TO BE PART OF THAT!"Not because the musician playing my instrument is doing a bad job but rather the song strikes something I just want to be part of. Thank you for this my friend.And thank you VoodooKing.It must be that Voodoo mojo.
You can sit home and practice all you want but until you get out there with human interaction and express yourself...thats what its about isnt it? You do , you contribute out of love for the song and the support of fellow musicians and we all respect that , peter. You are welcome on any song in any capacity any time. On an internet abused with porn and selfies and facebook, how cool is it to have a safe haven of musical creativity like this, completely run by the people making daily magic happen? TV? Im sorry I dont know what that is since I stumbled on this website.
The other day someone asked "so what did you do over the weekend". I replied "I jammed with a guitar player from Spain and I think a drummer from Britain over the internet" then I played them the track off my phone. They were blown away.The comment was "really??? how cool!". So you are simply doing what many dont have a chance in daily life to do...go someone and just express yourself without judgement.(okay maybe some bad reviews occasionally...)
August 05 2015 01:00:57
PJE Thank you Joe you are so right in all you say here and I owe you big time my friend for pointing me at this in the first place and yours and Alices inspirational creativity - so pleased to work with Joe - shout me when ever I will be delighted brother :):) +2
August 26 2015 23:04:07
wikibeb quel belle parole vous avait +1
This is so unbelievable!! Peter you did so great here!!
This is a real fantastik Song, with your drums!!
Have to go your colleagues before, have to give thumbs.... see you :D
August 04 2015 21:52:06
PJE I am so pleased for your listen and compliment franky thank you :) +1
August 04 2015 21:56:40
frankyguitar My pleasure, because I can listen it.
What did you with the original drums, did you overlay yours? I think I can here some from the original.... ;)
August 04 2015 21:58:17
PJE yeah franky I got so excited I just played along over the top - my poor timing is why you can hear the orginals :) +1
August 04 2015 22:12:31
frankyguitar I think it's not poor. This give it a very nice feeling and for me it's fine sound... +1
August 04 2015 22:13:43
PJE You are so kind franky :) +1
Great drums add!!!:)+1
August 04 2015 22:01:46
PJE Thanky you so much Mish :) +1
August 05 2015 00:51:38
PJE Thank you so very much Mish :):) +0
Fine drumming PJE !!+1
August 05 2015 00:53:10
PJE Hey Psycho appreciate you saying thank you - Joe and Alice were totally inspiring :) +1
like it, and I think it is so much more effort to add a drums as a bass or a mandoline+1
August 05 2015 00:55:43
PJE You are too kind mandolodda - I have listened to your fine work and know & appreciate the great effort and talent that takes :) +0
Amazing !:)+1
August 05 2015 01:07:33
PJE hi shelton thank you very much - great compliment :) +0
wow! What a jam!!!! GO PETE!!! tink, tink tink POP tink tink tink POP

you're a badazz
August 05 2015 01:42:59
PJE you just konw all the right language G thanking you :):) +1
August 05 2015 01:44:42
Girard Yeah, i'm a word nerd lol +1
ride cymbal, the best sound in all of music :) That massive breakdown/roll at about 2:35 was krazee woo hoo+1
August 05 2015 11:18:33
PJE Cheers G just me tripping on this great music and OVER my drum fills LOL :) +1
Now this is what I think is missing when I was listening to the song, thank you for giving a great kick to this track Peter! excellent drums as always!+1
August 05 2015 11:21:49
PJE Alice there is never anything missing from your music in fact the opposite is true - you always raise the art form - I just felt the drums sound was a little soft and needed a more solid backdrop for your wonderful idea and vocals - very glad to have jammed with you and Joe on this fine track thank you :);) +0
You gave power for this song :) Great !+1
August 05 2015 11:26:27
PJE Super compliment Kei thats exactly what I was trying for - many thanks :);) +0

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