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This template has the record for the longest time between attempting to record and actually uploading. I recorded a version not long after Marc posted it. I hated it as it required a fair bit of editing and if I have to correct it too much, I throw the recording away and try again. I tried again a day later. Still hated it. Then went away for a while. I tried again yesterday and finally decided it's a good take although there are still bloopers in there!

Great tune and, as always with Marc's template, lots and lots of space to choose how you want to take the tune. I started off gently, phrasing with the piano before going into a half-time beat. As usual, it ends up being the 'Roseanna' beat - I seem to end up using it a lot because it works.

From there, I slowly get heavier. Decided to pick the power up rather than stay with the gentle piano.


HD drums have no reverb.


January 01 2016 21:46:24
tron12tron12 cool track, tempo changes makes it better, keeping on jamming M+M, actually i like M+Ms

August 12 2015 11:18:23
KaipaKaipa Like it a lot!

August 07 2015 13:22:28
CharleyCharley Very nice

August 07 2015 02:51:16
sfikssfiks My favorite section 2:20/3:15.

August 06 2015 21:35:27
chrisbasschrisbass very niccce

August 05 2015 18:19:52
nuno1959nuno1959 Another very classy & tasteful drum track Martin, fine work.. ;) ;)

August 05 2015 17:53:28
TofzegritTofzegrit I have to know new words to commentyour tracks... I know you are great and I know why... It's because you are... Hop hop hop

August 05 2015 17:43:18
CountryboyCountryboy It is only half the halftime shuffle you use, but I can understand that you use it because the piano sound a bit Rossana also!! You put it nicely, and mistakes are barely noticeable :)

August 05 2015 16:41:09
MarceysMarceys Without listening I have confidence enough to thumb this! I have waited for the drums for this track all vacation long! I'll rush back to the campingplace in an hour and download the track!
+2 August 05 2015 18:23:25 MarceysMarceys
and it's so cool with all the accents! great job Martin! I'll toast to you this evening! cheerzzz
August 05 2015 20:36:01 MarceysMarceys
After listening it again and a bit more detailed I have to say you did a tremendous job! My playing was a bit clumzy here and there and you managed real good! Had to say that!
August 09 2015 14:13:50 Marceysmpointon
Thanks, Marc. I really enjoyed recording this tune, even though it took three separate attempts!
August 05 2015 15:55:13
GuadañaGuadaña wonderful track mates!!!! :)


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