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This Song is Part of the Album „Matinèe“



March 13 2016 17:38:28

November 25 2015 15:20:39
JazzyJazzy ...kommt rüber!

August 11 2015 12:41:18
jamladyjamlady wow ulo, sooo cool!
+1 August 16 2015 06:17:42 jamladyUloisius
Vielen Dank jamlady, freut mich sehr das es dir gefallen hat ;o)
August 08 2015 09:20:17
MarianneMarianne Yes, life is too short to miss good times and playful banter! LOL. Love the song in all its facets! BRAVO! :)
+1 August 16 2015 06:16:59 MarianneUloisius
Vielen Dank Marianne, manchmal muss man die Feste feiern wie sie fallen ;o)
Freut mich sehr das es dir gefallen hat ;o)
August 06 2015 14:23:20
aleonzaleonz Thank you for always write down the translations Ulo! so I have a perfect enjoyment when I listen to you, well I always enjoy all your performance without knowing the words, but with the words, it become complete satisfaction! excellent!
+1 August 16 2015 06:13:45 aleonzUloisius
If I am glad very much to you like. I hope this in the automatically translated texts the sense not on the distance remains ;o)
August 06 2015 06:42:42
OliVBeeOliVBee cool song :) nice and soft vocals ! glad you had fun ! :)
+1 August 16 2015 06:11:56 OliVBeeUloisius
Merci OliV ;o)
August 06 2015 01:48:11
AnneCozeanAnneCozean loved that 3rd verse especially lyrically, U.
O's geetar could be used as Universal Time - so steady, so focused, so going in clusterish directions - so good. :) K - thought your simple piano accomp was perfect - solo was sweet. 1:44 - grin, and your unobtrusive percussion is called for. back to you, U - that vocal is perfect - bist du nuts?? the music is quiet, and you are having a thoughtful talk with your gravel n grit great sound. sehr TOLL, Leute!

+2 August 11 2015 12:47:10 AnneCozeanjamlady
thank you love Anne for the great comment!
August 16 2015 06:11:22 AnneCozeanUloisius
Thank you very much Anne for this nice comment. I am glad very much if it has liked you ;o)
August 06 2015 01:35:31
cody trippcody tripp Excellent
+2 August 16 2015 06:07:37 cody trippUloisius
Thank you very much cody ;o)

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