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Found this fantastic naked acoustic track from Monsieur OBV and thought what the hell as nobody else added yet??? and as I am making a racket on everyone else work - why not OLiV's too :)

Seriously I am a huge fan of your music OBV and how you make such fine sounds from one guitar on this :):)
Thank you for the fun - merci!
Cheers Peter


October 31 2016 22:34:41
InklessInkless Excellent work !

August 28 2015 07:12:11
kennyadrykennyadry Fantastic add!! PJE!! :)
+1 September 02 2015 13:01:56 kennyadryPJE
Hey kenny thank you so much - ive been aways so appologies for delayed reply :)
August 11 2015 17:36:43
heliandrosheliandros I didn't believe that a double base (or is it really so fast your left foot?) would fit into a song from this smooth character... but you proved that black is white :) really good job, Peter! :)
+1 August 11 2015 17:44:27 heliandrosPJE
Hi Andreas appreciate this super compliment I dont have twin bass drums or a double pedal unfortuately - so have to try and rely on my right foot alone - think sometimes I get lucky and fluff it :)
August 11 2015 17:27:04
aleonzaleonz You bring a different color with your drums Peter! tight play!
+1 August 11 2015 17:30:03 aleonzPJE
Alice you are so very kind to say I thank you - if you have time listen to Martins drum add its wonderful :)
August 11 2015 17:35:46 aleonzaleonz
I did listen to both of you and Martin remix, and I love both of them Peter. You both have your own colors, I always give a time to listen tracks here, because I really really love to listen the details of them
August 09 2015 17:58:39
nuno1959nuno1959 Cool add to a very cool template - great choice PJ !!
+1 August 10 2015 00:57:15 nuno1959PJE
Coming from you nuno thats a really valued compliment!! - thank you for saying so :)
August 07 2015 20:52:51
texassontexasson You and the great one( what I call olivBee)Great matchup!
+1 August 08 2015 01:05:07 texassonPJE
Hey now thats a real nice compliment thank you so much texasson :)
August 07 2015 13:44:50
mpointonmpointon Excellent playing, PJE! Very tight too.
+1 August 07 2015 13:50:28 mpointonPJE
Hi Martin thank you - I very much prize the compliment from you - when are we going hear some more of your fine drums? :)
August 07 2015 13:59:52 mpointonmpointon
I'm away until tomorrow then I have the rest of the weekend to attack several tracks, including this one. 😀
August 07 2015 14:02:23 mpointonPJE
Looking forward to hearing them - have good one! :)
August 07 2015 01:06:28
PsychoPsycho Fine job once again Peter :)
+1 August 07 2015 13:45:00 PsychoPJE
Psycho you are very kind to say so - thank you
August 06 2015 23:44:14
FishinmissioFishinmissio Great addition PJE..
+1 August 07 2015 01:01:45 FishinmissioPJE
Hey Fish thank you and that compliment means a lot from you :)
August 06 2015 21:31:10
AnneCozeanAnneCozean so OliV's track got to YOU, too, eh, Peter?
love the jangly back and forthness of his guitar - and you put your emphasis on it beautifully. i really like your fast pattern - good! 1:51 has an interesting little piece of pan in the left ear...3:33 - YUM!
this is a fantastic listen - thank you, both .:)

+1 August 07 2015 01:43:48 AnneCozeanPJE
Hi Anne - you know exactly!! - OBVs music is both captivating and challenging - the emotion & love captured right in there. You have a wonderful musical ear and same gifts!!! Thank you for listening and highly prize your thoughts!! :)

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