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Zamzam292 jams
Remix step #3 (playing)

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Tofzegrit1195 jams Supporter
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One take for this one, first after the coffee
I'm sorry for the presence or attack from the guitar, just reapered a connecting issue on a old solid body Nylon but... Old vintage strings on
That could sound a few flat

Melody, chords and solo parts added
Thanks for the cruise Captain Zam and Lieutenant SP

i have used the remix track from Sp (46906) and upload here with the HD file ;)


August 11 2015 01:15:08
+1 August 11 2015 01:18:37 Wade Tofzegrit
Cruise... on pedal boat on sloping water :)
Merci Wade
August 10 2015 02:41:50
NICE add Tof, very tasteful e fits like a glove..

August 08 2015 01:10:43
Tof the guitar chameleon strikes again. Your versatility along with your amazing taste for when and what to play shines once again.

[Google Translate]: Tof le caméléon de guitare frappe à nouveau. Votre polyvalence et votre goût étonnant pour quand et quoi jouer brille une fois de plus.

+2 August 08 2015 01:18:18 mpointon Tofzegrit
Translation is wonderfull for once :)
Merci beaucoup Martin
August 07 2015 21:54:17
Great job Tof !!
+1 August 07 2015 23:26:14 Psycho Tofzegrit
I have a new guitar to play but I must change the strings :) 10 years old... I was frightened to take one or two in my head :)
Merci Psy
August 08 2015 01:44:31 Psycho Psycho
Oh yeah, what did you get ????? Toys, I love toys :) BTW, I change strings every week. It is a must because it goes flat and I lose a lot of precious tone :O
August 08 2015 01:54:52 Psycho Tofzegrit
It's an old Washburn solid body nylon (Chet Atkins Gibson copy)... I did not play it from years because there was a plug trouble I have never reaper... It miss some attack and enveloppe so I plug it in a bass preamp...
But for this one, I've some new nylon strings initially bought for the "normal" acoustic nylon few months ago...
August 07 2015 20:54:11
That's what I was looking for. Solo's.
+1 August 07 2015 20:57:48 Zamzam Tofzegrit
I have read that in the shout box yesterday;)
The French squad is on your side brother :)
August 07 2015 20:18:43
Wow I didn't exepted an acoustic but that's great ! I found it fit with my tone. I am happy that you join us on this one. At 0:54 and the rythm just after is so fine =)
+1 August 07 2015 20:54:47 SexoPhoniX Tofzegrit
I have read your invite ;)
So... I did a go and it really came easy thanks to you 2.
Merci Guillaume
August 07 2015 21:46:10 SexoPhoniX SexoPhoniX
Avec plaisir, au fait toi c'est comment du coup ? Christophe ?
August 07 2015 21:52:23 SexoPhoniX Tofzegrit
August 07 2015 19:35:38
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
Wow,I like it:)reminds me excellent musician "Michal Pavlíček"
+1 August 07 2015 19:39:53 Lenny Cowler Tofzegrit
I only know a little of his "electric" stuff
Merci Lenny
August 07 2015 18:40:19
cool track ! gotta love nylon ;)
+2 August 08 2015 01:41:01 OliVBee Tofzegrit
Gotta changer les cordes ;) parce que là, c'est plus du nylon lol
August 08 2015 09:17:50 OliVBee OliVBee
what a shame !!
August 07 2015 18:29:33
Love that tone of your acoustic. What are u using Tof?
+1 August 07 2015 18:37:38 kennyadry Tofzegrit
It is a Washburn nylon solid body with a Guitar Rig 3 EQ comp + another channel with an EZmix preset Ac guitar. On the end solo EZmix is substituted by an octave low one to increase the presence... The strings are from 2005 :)
August 07 2015 18:23:03
a sweet emotion kind of guitar play ! a perfect mate for my night coffee! :)
+1 August 07 2015 19:37:04 aleonz Tofzegrit
Good to be a spoon :D
merci Alice

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