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Remix step #2 (playing)


TG_Strat244 jams Supporter
+ 14
This is the fastest one I ever did. Listened to 4 bars of Nuno, then downloaded it, one take until about the middle, then the rest in one go - generated track, that's it. I am usually not one for long wailing guitar solos, but then there is no wailing here :D . Just a bit of fun, warts and all.

Thank you Nuno, your tracks always make me pick up the guitar!!

Peace, TG


October 20 2015 14:54:27
famineenimfamineenim Very Good!
+1 October 20 2015 17:22:46 famineenimTG_Strat
Thank you and welcome to the loops!! Listen to the remix 48493 with bass, too.I look forward hearing your music!
August 09 2015 18:16:04
aduadu very nice guitar work. good job TG :)

August 09 2015 11:55:24
ShiShi sounds like you had fun Tee Gee ! :)
+1 August 09 2015 11:58:03 ShiTG_Strat
Yes I did, thanks. I spent the afternoon mixing #47020 , so I was mentally tired but when I saw this I just had to... :D
August 09 2015 08:43:56
wiseshankswiseshanks Beautiful!
+1 August 09 2015 10:22:22 wiseshanksTG_Strat
Thanks man!
August 09 2015 02:07:38
onewholeftonewholeft Mine are always done in one take and posted mistakes and all ! I think we can all make good tracks if we go over and over again ! Don't get me wrong I love listening to well rehearsed tracks as well but if you google what jamming is then I guess you will catch my drift !
+1 August 09 2015 10:19:30 onewholeftTG_Strat
Yes, bu there are good arguments for both methods. I for one seldom can do a track in one go, from start to finish as my playing is too erratic, and I don't mind the occasional mistake but many times the poopoo is just to big and it needs a second run or more to correct it :D
August 09 2015 10:24:09 onewholeftonewholeft
Thats cool but its not Jamming !
August 09 2015 02:03:29
onewholeftonewholeft I think all jams should be done in one take that's what jamming is !

August 09 2015 01:23:31
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Eh, ein geiler gitarrensound, vox?
Fine solo, well played with fine feeling :)

+1 August 09 2015 10:20:58 frankyguitarTG_Strat
Yes it's thevox...Thank you Franky :). Why don't you have a go at this one, it's great fun!
August 09 2015 12:42:22 frankyguitarfrankyguitar
Yes, i have hear it! It's always a time problem ....
August 09 2015 00:39:02
nuno1959nuno1959 It's clear to see you had fun playing along - that makes me very happy TG !!
Great to have you join in ;)

+1 August 09 2015 10:21:12 nuno1959TG_Strat
Thanks :)
August 09 2015 00:16:41
PsychoPsycho Fits right in TG.. good one !!
+0 August 09 2015 10:22:10 PsychoTG_Strat
Thanks P! Go on do a version too, I'd love to hear it!
August 09 2015 13:42:15 PsychoPsycho
I might, so much good stuff here to pick from :)

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