Flight Plan

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PaulBOwens155 jams Supporter
Remix step #3 (playing)


mpointon469 jams Supporter

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Another magnificent template from Paul and Fish's add just perfected it. Too hard to resist. And it's about flying. I adore flying and really miss gliding.

Paul kindly gave me a mix with the drums removed but with guitar and fish's sax in so I've used that. Pink Floyd of course springs straight to mind and the only way forward was to give it some Nick Mason.

This was much harder to record than normal because I decided to video it meaning I needed a clean run-through for the video to sync! Several loopers have asked for a video of what I get up to so here it is. The video is mixed but the performance is as-recorded and therefore has a fair few mistakes. The audio I've uploaded has had some timing corrections made to it so they're not identical! Video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwGPFIfvCPY

You Tube has messed up the audio sync :(

Anyway, enjoy.

HD drums have no reverb.

And no laughing!


August 11 2015 19:34:54
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
cool drums:)

August 11 2015 15:38:59
Been away and catching up with so many fine uploads - have to say though this is one of my favourites so far - perfect drums for such gloriously flowing music - big thumbs to all

August 11 2015 14:24:48
Great work again. Btw love the vids on YouTube, you may have started something here

August 11 2015 14:09:17
I'm not laughing, but big smile here ...oh I'm grind from ear to ear when I hear your drums play Martin!
+1 August 11 2015 14:18:01 aleonz mpointon
Thank you, Alice. You're very kind :)
August 11 2015 11:08:25
Giving it the missing serious treatment. Perfect.

August 11 2015 01:38:16
First I had to say that I like your face bro ! Second I like your drumming too

August 10 2015 21:16:55
That is sooooooooo cool Martin. Really enjoyed the video...! Your drums perfectly suit the dynamic and feel of the piece....Fab drum sound/production...well done and thanks for the add. THUMBS!!
+2 August 10 2015 22:54:43 PaulBOwens mpointon
Thank you Paul. This is a fabulous template - you should be very proud of it.

I struggled to line the stem up in my DAW, I think I'm slightly behind the music but it's nothing a little nudging couldn't sort! I had the click to keep me true!
August 10 2015 17:56:58
Such a wonderful piece, utterly relaxing… super add Martin, i really like it !
+1 August 10 2015 23:23:23 nuno1959 mpointon
Thank you, Nuno! Yours is on tomorrow's list :D
August 11 2015 03:27:07 nuno1959 nuno1959
Oh my…. thanks a million - now i can't go to sleep !!! :D
August 10 2015 16:53:02
perfect Martin

August 10 2015 16:13:15
Fantastic! Way, way cool to see it played "live."


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