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I was about to sleep when I saw Martin & Alex posted their remix, and I can't sleep :D, especially when I saw Martin's Video in youtube, my eyes suddenly wide I have to do something If I want to sleep well this early morning....sorry guys I just can't help myself! you guys are AWESOME! Thank you for sharing this epic funk dance track


August 24 2015 03:23:07
CarpenterCarpenter absoluteley great from you :)
and great, smoking jam from you all!

+1 August 24 2015 09:16:12 Carpenteraleonz
Thank you very much Carpenter
August 12 2015 14:25:08
TofzegritTofzegrit 02:00
+2 August 12 2015 15:17:28 Tofzegritkennyadry
I noticed that too! Alice in the zone! :D
August 12 2015 09:31:09
SlonMusicSlonMusic :D Very cool alltogether!!
+1 August 12 2015 14:28:00 SlonMusicaleonz
Thank you Steve!
August 11 2015 20:31:42
alexjalexj this is just flat out stunning!!
+2 August 11 2015 20:54:40 alexjaleonz
Thank you very much Alex! you are my hero :)
August 11 2015 19:43:57
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler you always know how to do everything perfectly,1:59 and beyond, high voice "Wow" awesome :)
+1 August 11 2015 20:53:56 Lenny Cowleraleonz
Thank you Lenny, I think last night all the cats around my neighborhood get a little trauma, this morning I saw there is no cats around my neighbor :)
August 11 2015 14:15:07
PJEPJE Hi Alice - I have been away and so much great music to catch up with - but yours had to one of the first stops and I am so glad its fantastic as always and what great musicianship from Martin and Alex Super, Super song - Big thumbs to you and all :)
+1 August 11 2015 15:17:20 PJEaleonz
Thank you very much Peter! I'm always happy to see you stopping by on my track...I do really appreciate you kindness, and man you never stop to amazed us with your talent !
August 11 2015 14:08:30
fannefanne oh yes...,now I let my afro hair grow,put on my elephants pants with loose-fitting legs and go swirling across the dancefloor...great!
+1 August 11 2015 14:13:06 fannealeonz
you are seems so ready to move the floor Jhon! Thank you :)
August 11 2015 11:37:55
WadeWade Such a big smile on my face. Disco never sounded this good.
+1 August 11 2015 12:44:02 Wadealeonz
Thank you Wade! and you make me smile with your kind words :)
August 11 2015 10:58:51
UloisiusUloisius beautiful ;o)
+1 August 11 2015 12:43:19 Uloisiusaleonz
Danke Ulo!
August 11 2015 09:53:24
R1772R1772 This is fantastic! And...great and sweet vocals and lyrics by Alice. I´m actually trying to add some keys.-).
+2 August 11 2015 12:43:04 R1772aleonz
Reiner! thank you are very sweet...and the party still there my friend :)
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