Midnight City Highway

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OK, now it's complicated. When I downloaded this there was only Keiton's guitar and the keys! I went to upload earlier to find loads more add including Sexophonix's add. So I downloaded his mix and added it in to my take. Also, Keiton's original guitar was very quiet on the keys version of the mix so I added in Keiton's original template and aligned it to give his guitar a boost. Then added Sexophonix's take in the hope it all lines up. It did just about. Phew!

I did consider a classic bossa for this track as that's what the rhythm guitar plays but I felt it would be too choppy for this piece. I wanted to keep a gentle backbeat instead, so I used an open hi-hat and the ride bell to imply the bossa-style rhythm giving me, hopefully, the best of both worlds.



August 12 2015 10:27:39
WadeWade Good solid track well tied down.

August 11 2015 21:19:58
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler perfec job colleague, good play on ride cymbals in time 1:36 and beyond:)
+1 August 11 2015 22:02:01 Lenny Cowlermpointon
Thank you, Lenny :)
August 11 2015 19:38:48
SexoPhoniXSexoPhoniX Wow Nice drum work which sticks all tracks together. Also, that's a fine work cause you did the guitar reborn too =)

August 11 2015 17:42:33
ivaxivax This steps safely. Perfect Martin

August 11 2015 17:21:34
aleonzaleonz You're doing a great work, to keep all the pieces in the smooth steady road, well done Martin!

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