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As always, a wonderfully delicate template from Oli, impeccably performed, recorded and full of intricacies and subtle gotchas which stop you from hitting record and following a traditional jam structure! I knew early on what I wanted to play but wasn't sure how to play it. My inspiration, of all things, is Oasis' song 'Wonderwall'! It's just rolling 16th notes on the snare, picking out the backbeat as accents. The quandary was which medium: sticks, brushes or my Hot Rods. I ...


Hats off and truly great job on this Martin - love those bamboo brushes - give all the softness/hardness just when & where its needed - I love your jazzy feel/interpretation - seemingly simple but very clever - fantastic :)+2
August 12 2015 04:04:49
mpointon Thank you, PJE. I appreciate it. I learned this 'simple is best' approach from playing in a Crowded House-style pop band years ago where I had to play brushes doing a similar thing. Where I'd think about traditional back beats, the songwriter said (who was also a drummer) would say no. He was, of course, right. +1
August 12 2015 04:07:11
mpointon Can't edit replies :| What I meant to also say was, I learned from that band to 'play the song'. I'm still learning! Sounds easy, but often involves taking your ideas and stripping them right back. +1
another excellent drums !you have a wonderful color on your play+1
wonderful, Martin, how you felt in in Oliv's great template+1
Awesome feeling here Martin!! Perfect!+1
Givin you a thumb here..A whole new feeling(and respect)after watching your vid. It's plain to see you are really into it and I like what you do on that blue Yamaha toy there in your mancave :)+1
August 12 2015 03:00:08
mpointon Thank you, Fish'! Really appreciate your comment :) +1
August 12 2015 03:30:17
Fishinmissio I think I am gonna follow..if I can find soemthing..Would appreciate any tips via PM here as to how you coordinated all that :) +1
August 12 2015 03:46:01
mpointon I'll reply tomorrow when I'm, erm, a bit more sober... :D +0
August 12 2015 04:01:38
mpointon And I like 'Yamaha toy'! Great description! +0
You should be happy with this. Fine light sound that has just enough "pop".+1
Love the rods semi-softness ! Great drumming ;)+1
Great drummin, Martin. Perfect match.:)+1
Very good drums Martin! 6/8, 4/4, 12/16, 3265/7483928, you can do,them all! :)+1
Another super fine drumming here martin, OBV acoustic is awesome and kinda delicate but you erased that problems here!+1

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