Alone W/ Sfiks

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Big thanks to Slava for this wonderful track, I have so much fun playing with this one...hope you like it! Thank you for listening !

Alone Lyrics by Slava F.


June 21 2016 04:31:28
francisco alfrancisco al
muito bom trabalho ótimo e os acordes bem colocado

November 11 2015 11:07:27
Great performance of Aleonz and Sfiks,in the life there is much to learn about,with big umility.W the music and the family of Wikiloops:
+1 November 11 2015 15:48:59 lele49 aleonz
I agree with you, there is just so many things to learn, like in wikiloops, I learn everyday in here, by listening so many great music and talent here...thank you so much :)
September 06 2015 20:54:01
c'est vraiment grandiose

August 13 2015 19:31:52
Another alltime fav! Great rythm and feel! I absolutely L O V E this piece from 2:05. Alice, your work is such a highlight at the loops! :):):)
+1 November 11 2015 10:53:56 Liesching lele49
August 14 2015 03:39:55 Liesching aleonz
Thank you very much Marc! so happy you like it :)
August 13 2015 13:44:11
Great orkestration!and beautiful singing!
+1 August 13 2015 15:00:02 fanne aleonz
Thank you very much John !
August 12 2015 12:35:24
Beautiful...Just beautiful right here...Blended with sfiks musicality.. Awesome Alice!
+1 August 12 2015 13:16:39 kennyadry aleonz
Thank you very much Kenny !
August 12 2015 12:01:20
Top class Alice I agree with Wade you make it seem so easy - Very very gracefully done :)
+1 August 12 2015 13:16:19 PJE aleonz
Thank you very very much Peter
August 12 2015 10:41:53
This was as difficult template made to seem easy. Hard to believe you could take up this and use it in such a consistent story line. Very well done!!!
+1 August 12 2015 13:14:22 Wade aleonz
Thank you very much Wade, your kind and encouraging words always help others to do better and better, Thank you
August 12 2015 22:03:10 Wade Wade
Just commenting on what I hear and acknowledging the talent that makes this happen. This particular template was a very tough nut...well cracked. Having so many different timbres, rhythms, sections to deal with and make it into a whole should be recognized for it's difficulty. It's hard enough coming up with a good story and fitting words within a single rhythm and feel. A big challenge well met.
August 12 2015 10:07:23
Oh... It's AWESOME performance!
+1 August 12 2015 13:09:29 SlonMusic aleonz
Hi Steve! thank you for listening :)
August 12 2015 08:42:23
super, your song fits exactly and sets the fabulous template of sfiks the icing on. Congratulations on this great song ;o)
+2 August 12 2015 13:09:12 Uloisius aleonz
Thank you Ulo! very much thank you :)
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