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a solo from whatever instrument would nicely fit the track
I had to cut the wav... to upload due to the 60mb restriction... that means you have to look out for the right starting point, excuse me


August 12 2015 19:50:53
BalfoBalfo Selten das ein Gitarrist solch ein Einfühlungsvermögen an den Tag legt, sehr schön Heliandros!
+1 August 12 2015 20:04:10 Balfoheliandros
Balfo, das sind nur vier Akkorde, um Fish zu zitieren, pooped out... ich ärgere mich über meine Ungeduld... das war ein so simples Ding nach sechs Stunden Ausflug in der Hitze mit meinen Bewohnern und einem Bier zuviel beim Relaxen mit euren genialen inspirierenden Vorlagen...
Jetzt muss ich Marc zitieren: Du übertreibst :)
August 12 2015 15:08:51
KellsBellsKellsBells So beautiful, Andreas. The notes you played compliment the song so well. Loved the tone and sensitivity you played with. Sorry it took me so long to listen. I'm on vacation in the Ozark mountains with no WiFi! This is gorgeous. I'm honored to be on a track with you and Marc. :)
+2 August 12 2015 17:28:59 KellsBellsheliandros
My dear Kelly,
it is an honor for me to be a little part of Marcs fabulous harmonies and your outstanding sensitive voice that moves me to tears every time. :)
August 12 2015 13:50:39
aleonzaleonz You treat Marc beautiful piano & Kelly lovely voice so sweetly Andreas, you spring an icing sugar on the top of a red velvet cup cake, so sweettttt
+1 August 12 2015 17:22:02 aleonzheliandros
Oh, Alice, your commentary is so kind, thanks a lot for your lyrical words :)
August 12 2015 11:58:12
PJEPJE Very fine Andreas - and you picked a beautiful track from the great Marc and Kelly - love how your guitar blends and sounds so well :)
+1 August 12 2015 17:16:23 PJEheliandros
Years ago I was in this Mega-Musicstore and tried every single Western the whole day long. This Takamine sounded so lovely, I felt in love by first touch :)
Thanks, Peter, for your kind words!
August 12 2015 17:20:33 PJEPJE
Andreas you were right its such a wonderful fine sounding instrument :)
August 12 2015 11:05:08
WadeWade Very appropriate add that compliments the keys and voice. Very well done.
+2 August 12 2015 17:14:12 Wadeheliandros
I'm glad you like it. Thanks, Wade, for your compliment :)
August 12 2015 09:30:05
pklieschpkliesch Du suchst Dir schwierige Stücke zum adden aus und trotzdem gelingt's immer. Super, Andi! :)
+1 August 12 2015 17:12:28 pklieschheliandros
Na ja, ich suche mir eher die Stücke aus, die mein Herz am tiefsten berühren... da wären vorzugsweise jene der Gebrüder Liesching zu nennen ;)
Danke für dein liebes Kompliment, Patrick :)
August 12 2015 08:38:24
UloisiusUloisius sehr schön ;o)
+1 August 12 2015 17:09:00 Uloisiusheliandros
Danke dir, Uli, schön, dass es dir gefällt. :)
August 12 2015 08:01:53
LieschingLiesching Yeeesss, Andy! Fits perfect, so colourful! Danke, mein Freund! :)
+1 August 12 2015 17:13:21 Lieschingheliandros
Ich danke vielmehr dir, Marc und Kelly für die Gänsehaut beim adden. :)
Ich denke noch über ein Solo nach in dem Part, den Kelly gelassen hat.
August 12 2015 05:13:07
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very good bro:)
+1 August 12 2015 17:06:01 Lenny Cowlerheliandros
thx, my bro friend :)
August 11 2015 23:50:30
TofzegritTofzegrit Excellent choice ! an acoustic arpeggio ! I like it a lot Andreas
A kind of Bagdad Cafe theme

+1 August 12 2015 17:05:40 Tofzegritheliandros
It was only a very simple addition about 4 chord arpeggio... but I thank you for your kind words :)
August 12 2015 17:09:57 TofzegritTofzegrit
Yes that's why it's so good... just what it needed
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