Remix step #4 (playing)


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I believe I've got to take a shot at Marcey's challenging track. This is quite a challenge for me due to the fact that the chord progression is not in my familiar field (I was born a rock player). Good thing Marcey gave the chord and made it easier.

Martin's drum made this one more helpful for me to get good rthm. And I raise Kai's bass volume to make it more audible in the mix.

The most challenging part was putting the solo over it. A normal Am pentonic scale doesn't work so much because of the key changes happening in between. So I tried using both Am and Em scale..I don't if that worked though,..but the best thing is I had fun over it :)Thank you marcey, martin and kai!


August 19 2015 05:35:13
you're really good at what you do aken =) mas nindot na siya nga naa ka =) i personally love the solo. keep it up

August 14 2015 18:23:10
Very cool Guitar. Excellent playin and sound, Kenny!
+1 August 15 2015 07:48:59 pkliesch kennyadry
Thank u pk :-) nice to have u listening to it :-)
August 12 2015 18:20:30
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
+1 August 12 2015 19:27:46 Lenny Cowler kennyadry
Thank you Lenny :)
August 12 2015 13:32:13
I think and I believe you can play any kind of music with your skill Kenny! I have listen almost all your tracks here, and also meet you in some tracks, and I think it's enough to proof you as one of a great excellent guitar player!
+2 August 12 2015 13:56:21 aleonz kennyadry
Thank you alice,..I am so pleased to recieve kind comments from you ! Terima kasih :)
August 12 2015 11:27:42
Hey kenny - I know there are set genre's and the like - but for me you are one fabulously expressive guitar star!! and that transalates into any style you play with - hats off - very very fine music :)
great band all!!

+2 August 12 2015 12:01:33 PJE kennyadry
Thank you PJE! guitar star is something that I would think of Van Halen, Satriani, Petrucci, Steve Lukather. And I never thought somebody would think of me as that. Thank you for the very kind compliments, It made my heart bigger :)
August 12 2015 10:16:25
bam! and you did very good Kenny! great tone and your solo part is glorious! great funkrock! Thanks for the ride man!
+2 August 12 2015 10:39:18 Marceys kennyadry
Thank you Marcey!, you've created a very challenging track, and I took the challenge :D
August 12 2015 07:12:44
You were born as a rock player yes but you are an amazing guitar player Kenny.
A little bit shy but right with the rhythm part and... this solo is so so so good!

This track is not so easy and you did so well

+2 August 12 2015 08:39:51 Tofzegrit kennyadry
Thank you ToF!! It means a lot coming from a great guitar player such as you. Thank you so much my friend.
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