azure colored gems

Remix step #4 (playing)


heliandros110 jams Supporter
+ 17
just a little solo to this fabulous track from my beloved friends


August 27 2015 05:18:22
ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL work from all of you! Love it! :)

August 27 2015 04:51:36
Danke, mein lieber Fruend for this beautiful addition. It gets more beautiful ever time I hear it. Your guitar blends with Marcs keys so perfectly and that tone is gorgeous. So wunderschön, Andreas!

August 15 2015 23:34:09
back to listen to this again...on my good headphones now that I am home....It's even more beautiful than I thought. :)
+1 August 16 2015 00:38:05 KellsBells heliandros
seriously, I got tears in my eyes, while working on this beautiful track...
good to know it was a headphone, not an "eyephone"...
August 16 2015 00:42:01 KellsBells KellsBells
your emotion shines through in your playing, Andreas. Just a joy to listen to.
August 16 2015 00:45:02 KellsBells heliandros
really, it's simply the reflection of your soul in my playin', Kelly
August 15 2015 19:49:18
+1 August 15 2015 20:01:21 Relativity heliandros
thank you, Rel, for listening. I appreciate your compliment!
August 15 2015 20:02:25 Relativity Relativity
My pleasure Andreas and thank you for helping me with my mixes. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. Please keep commenting if something not right.
August 15 2015 20:07:13 Relativity heliandros
All these gentle people here seems to live the dream of love, peace and freedom. I feel so "arrived" here. Sometimes we are so careful to be unrespectful by offering critics... in my opinion, that's the right way :)
August 14 2015 21:07:55
You have done it again, Andreas. Just a gorgeous solo on this track. Bravo, my friend! Beautiful!! :)
+1 August 14 2015 21:14:17 KellsBells heliandros
Your music, your voice, Kelly, inspires me such a lot and give me hours of joy and fascination. I thank you both!!!
August 14 2015 21:22:24 KellsBells KellsBells
You are as sweet as your guitar playing, Andreas. :)
August 14 2015 21:25:12 KellsBells heliandros
upps, rather red than sweet this moment, ;)
August 14 2015 21:07:46
Heli, Heli, Heli!!! :)
Traumhaft schön, my friend!

+1 August 14 2015 22:48:45 pkliesch heliandros
Du hast noch das Echo an, Patrick ;)
Ich freu mich, dass es dir gefällt und es bedeutet mir ebenso viel, mein lieber Freund!
August 14 2015 06:21:37
Love the sound and chords on this! wonderful :)
+1 August 14 2015 21:07:28 texasson heliandros
Glad, you like it, tex, thankk you :)
August 13 2015 12:03:01
Andreas you have such feeling here and that wonderful sound !!! Bravo :)
+1 August 13 2015 12:45:15 PJE heliandros
glad, you enjoyed it, Peter :)
August 13 2015 05:12:38
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
very nice:)
+1 August 13 2015 12:44:48 Lenny Cowler heliandros
again, thx, Lenny
August 13 2015 04:14:48
my compliment from yesterday sealed by putting the cherry on the top of this red velvet cup cake spring with icing sugar!
+1 August 13 2015 12:44:29 aleonz heliandros
:) thank you, my dear Alice

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